Alison Blaire

Everybody Has a Story, and Here’s Mine…

Hi, my name is Alison Blaire, and I’m on a mission to go from rookie affiliate marketer to riches, following a proven plan and learning all the skill sets needed for success! 

I’m feeling incredibly lucky to embark on this voyage with such a talented team of mentors headed up by successful seven-figure Marketer Dean Holland. With their incredible guidance and resources, I’m looking forward to creating the life of my dreams and finally having financial freedom! 

In this blog, I will be sharing it all, the lessons I am learning from Dean and the team, the struggles I encounter, and every win – because, let’s face it, all these little wins add up over time, and they need to be celebrated!

Through this blog, I hope to inspire and provide you with all the right tools to help you reach your goals.

A Little Background…

I have an insane work ethic. I have been working since I was 13, saving away for a car and college.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the best parents, and although I saved every birthday check and paycheck for the future, they did not keep it in a separate bank account for me as they said. 

When it was time to buy that car and go to college, all the money was gone. 

So I did what most Americans do: take out student loans to go to college because I believed at the time that college and a career were the answers to obtaining financial freedom. Boy, was I wrong.

Little did I know that every year, college tuition prices go up, interest rates on loans go up, and these loans earn interest while you are still in college.

Let’s face it, an undergraduate degree is worthless, so I went to graduate school and got my doctorate in pharmacy.

I graduated from pharmacy school in 2009. 

Graduate school loans were different from undergraduate loans. I didn’t know this at the beginning, but when you start off school, you have a certain amount of credits, so you can borrow certain loans at certain rates. Then, once you have borrowed a certain amount, these loans are no longer offered. I went to a private school for pharmacy, and they capped the public loans forcing me to borrow private student loans at an 11.25% interest rate.

Let’s just say I got myself into a financial mess trying to get an education, and despite paying the payments for the past 14 years, I have not made a dent.

Well, let’s get off this depressing topic. 

So I work, and I pick up as much overtime as I can, and I trudge on, still hopeful that working will get me to my dream life, but as you know, COVID changed the world we live in, and inflation is pretty bad right now, the cost of goods and services has skyrocketed.

Salaries are the same as when my dad graduated college, but the price of a house for him was $100,000, and that same house now is $1,000,0000. So, how can I survive in this new world?

Working a standard job is not the answer, so I am ready to leave all that and tap into the millions of dollars being generated online.

Most people think that I am crazy, a dreamer, fantasizing that the world of affiliate marketing is going to get me from $209,000 in student loan debt to financial freedom, but what do I have to lose?

I invite you to join me on this journey. Follow me on this blog as I document every step along the way.

Will I succeed? Will I fail? Only time will tell.

Are you trapped in debt or just wanting a better life for your family and yourself?

Then join me on this crazy ride. Let’s go from rookie to riches together!

Life is short, and time with friends and family is the most precious gift we have on this planet, so I am, following the advice of Nike. Taking a big leap of faith, dedicating myself to Dean’s proven plan, and I am gonna JUST DO IT!

So join me on this ride, and let’s create the life we want to live!

Alison Blaire