Mastering Essential Skills: Conquering Challenges and Staying Committed!

Happy Saturday, and May the 4th be with you!   It’s that Star Wars holiday again, haha. Yoda’s wise words resonate with my affiliate marketing journey because it is all about consistency. You have to take one small step forward each day, and you have to do it, not try to do it.    But […]

The Art of the Follow-Up

Happy Saturday, I hope you had a fantastic week. I will admit that I am exhausted. This week kicked my a**. Monday started with Sophie’s first week, day 1 of her Facebook Lead Ads class at 5 am, followed by my first day at the new job, 830-530 Wednesday, I slept in and missed the […]

Week In Review: Making the Switch from ClickFunnels to Affiliate Systems +

Happy Saturday!!! This week I got a surprise email, it was from ClickFunnels.  Actually, it wasn’t really an email just a receipt for their monthly fee that was recently billed to my credit card.  I guess this means my 6-month trial is done. I totally panicked at the price tag, but it is the kick […]

Lead Magnet Creation: Step 1 in Preparing to Run Facebook Lead Ads

Happy Saturday! Welcome back to my blog, or if it is your first time, thank you for visiting. I am so honored to have you here. Mastering Traffic Is Hard.  I am reading The YouTube Formula By Derral Eves, and I welcome this book because it is really helping me understand YouTube as a platform. […]

Facebook Lead Ads A Viable Paid Traffic Strategy

Happy Saturday, Can you believe it is week 15? I cannot. It has been quite a journey. For the past few weeks, we have been talking all about traffic, and there are so many methods to choose from that it can seem overwhelming. Originally, I chose Facebook/Instagram, so I created a Facebook and Instagram page […]

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone: Lessons from the Cold Plunge

Happy Saturday! These weeks are going by so fast. Last Sunday, I went to Kabuki Spa with a friend. Although I used to come here pretty regularly, I haven’t been here since COVID. It is so nice to relax and have a day where you just take care of yourself. The reason I bring this […]

Traffic & Capture: A Week in Review on YouTube and TikTok

Hi, Happy Saturday! This week, I managed to get a video banned on TikTok, and I was issued a warning. Want to see the video that got banned on TikTok?     Navigating the murky waters of social media guidelines can feel like walking through a minefield. One wrong step, and boom – your account […]