Behind the High Achiever: What is my Why? Let’s discover your ‘why’ and work together to manifest your dream life!

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Alison Blaire, and this is my story…

I am a pharmacist, and I have been working in this field since 2009. 

There are moments when I absolutely love my job. The people I work with and the patients I get to help bring me so much joy. 

Unfortunately, my career in pharmacy has changed a lot since 2009.

Most days are not spent helping people, corporate KPIs, and the company culture of how fast can you go, and the toxic work environment where people rob the front-end of our store almost daily has prevented most pharmacists and me from getting to provide the patient care and develop the connection with our patients to help them live their most healthy, quality lives.

Helping people was the entire reason I became a pharmacist.

The not-so-nice customers and the daily robberies really got to me. Corporate didn’t care about my staff or my health, and working in a toxic environment like that for over a decade, started to make me incredibly depressed. 

Often times I would decline to take care of myself to make metrics. I did not drink water during a 12 hours shift, so I didn’t have to use the restroom. 

This is quite common for most pharmacists.

I needed a change. But the story in my head that I kept telling myself was, you are 209,000 dollars in debt from student loans, and you must work here. And you should pick up as much overtime as you can.

I was in a hole trying to climb out, I was drowning in student loan debt, and I felt obligated to stay at my job at all costs. 

And then the side hustles began…

“This One is For the Broke & Lazy”

Is your Instagram feed bombarded with people telling you to try this side hustle and make $7000 monthly? Try this and make $500/hour.

I actually fell into this trap….making grateful journals to sell on KDP and trying to sell my stool for $300 dollars a sample, signing up to take a bunch of surveys I never got paid for…These are just some of the wonderful side hustles I tried.

The one thing that I learned along the way is for a side hustle to actually replace your job you have to love it! And want to do it constantly. And be good at it.

So the next side hustle I tried was something I actually had a lot of fun doing.   I started a business with a friend combining cannabis lube, cosmetics, and Taoism to help women going through menopause empower themselves to have healthy sex lives and overcome many of the side effects of menopause that make things not as fun down there.

We threw many parties and educated women about Taoist practices and Cannabis for women’s health.

Things were starting to go pretty well, but then a little something called COVID happened. Since our business was entirely in person, where we did workshops and parties, and retreats, COVID was a business killer.

The lockdown determined that whatever side hustle that I needed to do was going to be online.

And to be perfectly honest, I LOVE WORKING FROM HOME, picking my own schedule, going to the bathroom whenever I need to, drinking water, and making my own healthy meals, I got a taste of the good life.

The idea of working for myself and making a full-time income at home ignited in me a dream that I thought died a long time ago.

My Why

When you grow up, what do you want to be? A question we have all been asked at some point in our lives. I always wanted to be a mom.

It was instilled in me at a very young age that to have a family; one needs to be in a specific financial position. Kids are expensive, and life is hard, and without money, most likely, you will fight with your partner, and it will end in divorce. At least, this was my frame of reference. So fast forward, and I am 42 years old, still debating whether I can do this. I am not financially ready.

Being a successful affiliate marketer and making a consistent income online allows me to do two things 1. Pay off my massive student loan debt – or at least pay the interest + principal every month 2. Have a family and provide for them in every way I would want to.

Have a home, be able to send them to college, and pay for extracurriculars. Help them to live their dream! And have enough time to spend with them, so I am not working 24/7, missing their first steps and their first word.  This is ultimately my Why?

So now that you get Why this is so important to me and the time crunch I am under due to my biological clock.  I am determined to make this happen. And I know that if I make a small step every day in the right direction, I will get there.

Also, I have an incredible support system…

Because, let’s face it, trying to make money online can be overwhelming.

I had a ton of good ideas, but when it came down to it, the real secret to making money online was figuring out how to get what you are selling in front of as many of the RIGHT people as possible, and not only did you need to catch their attention you had to keep them engaged.


Think about the amount of scrolling,  flicking, and stimulation we do on the daily. Going from one thing to the next…

First, something has to make them stop, and then it has to keep them engaged long enough to make them opt-in or buy something. Then the relationship needs to get nourished so that they can become recurring customers, and really that is where the profit is.  When you are starting out at getting traffic, it can cost you more money than you are making. Let’s be real; there is a learning curve.


This is a challenge for sure…and to add to the overwhelm, I am not the most tech-savvy person, and I often got frustrated when things weren’t going the way they should.  I would get stuck on something sometimes for weeks…

Back then, I didn’t have the knowledge I have now nor the help.

I was investing in things that I thought could lead me in the right direction, but ultimately, I  was wasting money.

I bought this and that, paying for one shiny thing after the next…not focused on and completing the things that would actually get me to my dream life. Because when I hit a wall, instead of doing whatever it took to get unstuck, I was onto the next…. 

Let’s get real…It is human nature to hit a wall and quit. 95% of people do not live financially free, having the gift of time and money. And this is because there is no such thing as a get rich quick. There is no easy side hustle for the broke and lazy that will replace your 9 to 5. And if anyone is trying to sell you that, Run the other way.

So no matter how hard things are going in your life, and no matter how helpless and frustrated you feel, and no matter how far your dream life seems from reality, the ONLY solution is it’s up to YOU to change it.


Find something you authentically can align with. What do you want to learn? What excites you? What do you want to share with others?

What can you put 1000% into and enjoy it?

What is your passion?

My passion is to help others live their best lives.

I do this in two ways:

First, as a pharmacist, helping people make healthy life choices to prevent or reverse disease states and live the most quality life they can live!

I love learning. Learning everything I can and sharing that information with my patients so that they can make informed decisions and providing them with a support system is one of my passions.

I also am a certified yoga teacher, and I help many of my patients overcome disease states and live healthy lives through the combination of yoga and diet. 

Secondly, teaching people how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

I get so much joy from showing others what worked for me to make money online so they can skip the struggle and overwhelm.

I want everyone to live their dream life.

What an amazing world it would be if everyone got away from the 9-5 they hate and made their dream day to day come true.

I want to celebrate each win along my journey and share each loss as a learning experience for what to do next time.

I want you to share your journey with me.

If we take a step forward every day toward our dream life, we will be there before we know it!   So let’s do this together! The internet is always changing. Affiliate marketing five years ago is not the same as today. Let’s grow and overcome together.

Helping people to live their best lives brings me joy, so selfishly, I want to help you because it makes me happy.

So I invite you to go on this journey with me. Let’s do it together. Let’s make the dream life we want through affiliate marketing!

What is your why? Please comment below. I would love to hear about your journey and what motivates you to jump in every day.

And… don’t forget to SHARE this content with others on social media.

There is strength in numbers, and if we are here to support and learn from each other, share our trials and tribulations,  and help each other get unstuck, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Until next time,
Alison Blaire 




2 Responses

  1. Hey Alison!

    I have to tell you, I learned so much about you going through this!

    One big thing that jumps out is how strong, committed and hard working you are as an individual.

    I’ve ever confidence in you and your ability to achieve your goals online and create a better life for yourself!!

    Let’s make it happen 🙂


    1. Dean, reading this made my day and means so much to me, I cannot express how grateful I am for you encouragement and guidance through along this journey!!! I would still be stuck and frustrated without your support and that of your amazing team!

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