Diana Gabaldon

Outlander kept popping up on all the “books you have to read” several years back, but it looked daunting—really long, small print, and did I really want to read a time traveling story? On my third try, I stuck with it and am so happy I did! Barring one incident, Jamie Fraser might be is my all-time favorite romantic hero! Hulking, tough as nails, stronger than Goliath, fiercely loyal, and also sweet and kind and somewhat innocent and just everything. Although the story centers on Claire and Jamie, it’s not just a romance, but also an adventure, history and culture lesson and will just suck you right in. I made it through the next four books in the series (Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, Drums of Autumn, and The Fiery Cross) and need to push myself back into it. The problem is, it feels like all the big moments have already happened and it’s starting to turn into too much of the same thing (conflict going on, Jamie to the rescue), so it’s hard to make myself keep going when there are so many books out there to read. So why does this book stick? Pretty sure it’s (1) Jamie Fraser and (2) the big moments in the book are so incredible, and (3) there’s just so much to suck me in.


            “I can bear pain myself, he said softly, but I couldna bear yours. That would take more strength than I have.”


            “And if your life is a suitable exchange for my honor, why is my honor not a suitable exchange for your life?