Don’t Let These Fatal Errors Crush Your Affiliate Marketing Dreams

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Before we go any further, let me ask you this…

Are you making these common mistakes that cost affiliate markets thousands of dollars a year?

I was…and sometimes I catch myself wanting to….

What are these mistakes, you ask….

Am I making them?

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But for those who are strapped for time… I’ll summarize these mistakes because guess what?

You can overcome them! And knowing the pitfalls makes it simpler to avoid them!

Most of us (more than 90% 😔) suffer from at least one of these common issues:

1. Shiny object syndrome. This is actually a real thing…google it! This phenomenon gets its name because it is the tendency to be distracted by alluring products, leading to unnecessary purchases that can get in the way of financial stability. These purchases can prevent you from having enough money for the items you actually need to achieve your goals. Research it and find ways to avoid it if you want to ensure a successful business.

I have to admit, this one gets me sometimes. It almost got me the other night…

I was recording videos the other night on Loom when all of a sudden, a pop-up appeared on my screen.

UPGRADE FOR ONLY $8/month. Of course, I need to be able to download it, but $8/month, is it worth it? AND… for only $4/month more, their AI feature will give me a summary, transcript, and table of contents for my video.

Although these features are great, and it is much easier to create, edit, and share a Loom video than a Zoom video, was it worth 12/month?

I catch myself about to enter my credit card number to UPGRADE when my brain screams STOP…this is just another shiny object. My budget is capped already this month, and adding another subscription is not on my business plan, nor is needed to accomplish my goals this week.

Yes, it would be lovely to have Loom. it’s really easy to use, and the features are great, but do I need it right now?

If you are upgrading left and right, these little expenses add up quickly.

So, don’t let shiny objects distract you and divert your valuable resources (TIME & MONEY). The question you should be asking yourself is, “Do I need this right now?” It looks great, and the features are awesome, but is it something I need to accomplish my current goal/project?

2. GOALS/ Written Business Plan

Not having a clear plan and goal or understanding of the steps needed to attain the goal you want can get you into trouble. Goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Setting and having goals to follow is incredibly important.

Goals provide a benchmark that determines a clear path to success and a timeline for how and when that success should be achieved.

When goals are not properly set, efforts can get “off-track,” and you may find yourself in the dark as to what you should be doing. Not having clear goals in place can lead to significant delays and inefficiencies and can ultimately lead to failure.

So, write down your goals….

Set yourself up for success: Write down your goals and take concrete steps to achieve them. Break your goals into manageable, smart “mini-SMART-goals” that will serve as a roadmap to success. Take action today and stay focused on reaching your goals!


Having a mindset of determination and a drive to succeed as an affiliate marketer is highly important. Having a positive attitude towards failure and the belief that you will eventually reach your goals can make the difference between success and failure. Self-sabotage and limiting beliefs can be the biggest cause of failure as an affiliate marketer. Limiting beliefs, for example, can cause an affiliate to think that they cannot reach their goals, thus creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that holds them back from achieving their goals. It’s important to challenge these beliefs and recognize that success and failure are both steps toward reaching the ultimate goal.



Unrealistic expectations are often fueled by the endless barrage of promises that cross our social media feeds daily to make $10k in just 90 days.

Such claims are far from realistic.

A critical factor that many online entrepreneurs overlook is the upfront costs and time required to generate leads and convert them into paying customers. 

Building a solid customer base takes patience, hard work, and a willingness to put in the necessary effort. 

The real breakthrough comes when you start cultivating repeat customers, as they are the ones who bring steady revenue. It’s important to understand that achieving success in the online business world is far from immediate.

Many new businesses fail because they expect to turn a profit within the first few months. 

Moreover, if you are investing in paid traffic at the beginning, it’s highly likely that you will find yourself in a financial rut. 

However, if you plan for this when you are designing your business plan and you track your results to make sure you are on target to reach your goals, you are sure not to fall into this trap.


5. Not tracking results

Have you heard the expression – the answers are in the data?

The only way to know whether we are going in the right direction or not is to dive deep into the numbers and analyze the patterns.

I get it, data is scary, numbers can be confusing, and not everyone is into color-coded Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. If this is you, then click here and download this tracking sheet, which is already set up for you!

Tracking results should be a daily habit.

Data is your superpower for making smart decisions – why guess when you can review the numbers?

See what subject lines get opened the most, or measure if that advertisement is really working.

Don’t just sit back and wait for the perfect time – beta-test your ideas to see what works, then use the data to make it even better.

With the insights you uncover, you can replicate success and avoid costly errors in the future. When you can identify the winning formulas and apply them, prepare for the magical moment when everything changes!

For those looking to make real progress in business, it pays to avoid these common mistakes.

Keep away from distractions and FOCUS on one project at hand.

If you’re serious about achieving success, take the necessary steps to avoid the pitfalls of the journey.

Create a solid plan to reach your goals. Make it your mission to make this goal a reality, and track your progress as you go along – use your efforts to learn and identify ways to do better next time!

Put your plan into action with a positive attitude, and don’t forget to develop a strong growth mindset.

Be committed, shall I say OBSESSED, with completing each step and goal you have laid out on your plan.

Don’t let fear paralyze you from success. Overcome self-sabotage.  

AND….remember…. It is NOT about getting rich quickly. It is about getting rich FOREVER!!!!

Comment below:  Have you fallen for any of these common mistakes? Where are you at in your journey?

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