From Concept to Creation: My Week in Review Crafting Facebook Lead Ads

Happy Saturday!!!

Really, I know I keep saying this, but the weeks are flying by. 

It’s so weird. I have been working a 9 to 5 and working at least an hour a day on my blog for months now but lately, I just feel so tired. I think the change in schedule from 12:30-9 to 8:30-6 and commuting far from home might be what’s knocking me out – making me feel so tired.

This new adjustment has forced me to shift my time commitments and figure out a realistic way to keep moving forward.

I will admit my YouTube channel and social media posts have reduced. 

On the positive side, this week, I am celebrating that I have not missed a single blog post,  I have been keeping up with my healthy eating by cooking and meal prepping for work and avoiding all the delicious breakroom food – which takes all my willpower 😋. I have had to say no to Boba 3 times since I have started working, not to mention Jollibee, and tomorrow at the work barbeque, they are getting L&L. It’s tuff, but I am hanging in there putting my financial, mental, and physical health as a priority saying no to bad food, trying to get my exercise in and getting shit done!

Although I can’t spend as much time as I would like right now working on my affiliate business, I can make sure to accomplish at least one step each week to keep me moving forward.

This week, my goal was to finally get a finished, polished lead magnet done and start working on my ad mockups.

I know I could use one of Dean’s Lean Magnet’s, and I plan to share those later on in the journey, but right now, I really want people to get to know me and see how I can help them. So it is important to me to create one from scratch and having the team available to review everything makes the process more doable!

Although I felt like I was falling behind, I actually was not. Most people in the class needed extra time, just like me to work on their lead magnets, email sequences, and ad media and copy.

Thankfully, Sophie dedicated herself to adding an extra week. So, on Monday, instead of moving forward to the next lesson, this 5 a.m. session was dedicated to Q&A so that we could keep reviewing our lead magnets, email sequences, and ads!

On Tuesday I had plans to sync with Sophie at 6am my time to go over my emails in more detail, but there was a timing schedule issue, it is funny this happens to me a lot when coordinating zoom meetings with people in different ocutnries and time zones. But I was grateful I got to go back to sleep for an hour and we have rescheduled to 9 Am today!

Today, we are working on my emails, going through them, and getting them where they need to be!!! I will also have her review my lead magnet one more time and my ad ideas.

I have two goals that I would like to accomplish by this time next week:

(1)  Finish my welcome email sequence and set up the automated email sequence workflow in Affiliate Systems  

(2) Come up with a solid Facebook Lead Ad mock-up, including copy and images for my Facebook Lead Ad!!!

This is my first brain dump of mock-up ideas and my starting point. I used a program called Place it. What do you think?

What are you working on? Are you taking this journey with me into Facebook Lead Ads? Comment below I would love to hear bout your journey.

Next week I will share with you my finalized lead magnet!  If you don’t want to miss a thing then click here and subscribe to my newsletter! And if you need any help on your lead magnet’s, check out my YouTube channel! 

Let’s ride from rookie to riches together,

Alison Blaire



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  1. I love the book cover, the style has retro cool factor that gets my attention. I think I like the top ad the most, and the “here are the answers to the most common questions I get” I think is intriguing. From a pure design aspect I like the palm tree shadow, but it darkens the image and it may not pop as well as it should, and it makes the text slightly more difficult to read. If the blue and orange were more bright that might solve that issue. And then I’d also reduce some of the space around the edge – if the book cover and open book were turned at an angle to each other, not just straight across, overlapping a bit, and then enlarged so their outside edges at some spots were just outside of the image so they take up most of the space in the image I think that would look good – hopefully that makes some sense.

  2. I am behind but have a clear vision of what to do next. I have a lead magnet – now just have to find where Sophie reviewed it!! All the different places to review and submit content required my brain lol.

  3. I always look forward to your posts. You are the model of what our blog is about – taking us on your personal journey. The good and bad. Life often gets in the way and we just have to deal with it. Kudos for overcoming the food temptation and working on a healthier you. Becoming an Internet Partner, it was weird to hear Dean say we needed to also pay attention to our health. How right he was. You are certainly at a more advance level than I and while what you are doing seems a bit intimidating, I look forward to the journey and learning that as well. Creating a Lead Magnet from scratch will make you an even better affiliate marketer and mentor for those seeking your guidance. Well done. Keep moving forward. If you’re not able to spend the time you like right now, remember, it’s ok. You are on your own pace and accomplishing goals one step at a time. It’s not a race, rather, a continual progression to learn and get better. Have a great week.

  4. For a pharmacist, you’re a great writer! I really love reading about your journey. I too, took on massive student debt and battled my way to a zero balance. You will as well. I think your lead magnet ideas look fantastic. I’d really like to read your eBook, but as a fellow IP and AS student, you already have my email. I don’t want to click on your ad and cost you money. Can you make it available to me? Or will you also be selling it on Amazon KDP?

  5. Although the stack of books is not unique, the picture you paint on the book itself draws me in and my vote is for simplicity – the third one for a Facebook Lead Ad mock-up. Of course, it matters not what those of us in the peanut gallery say but some simple testing on the Facebook platform should be able to tell you which one to go with.

    I’m taking a change in course and going from a paid traffic strategy to an organic one. This has prompted me to review my email sequence as it currently speaks to folks that have just responded to my old facebook lead ads.

    I look forward to what you come up with on your finalized lead magnet.
    Robert Klein recently posted…Before or DuringMy Profile

  6. Hey Alison – To me it sounds like you’re right on track. It has been a very busy week for most, and I can see you are in the same situation. I applaud you for not giving up and continuing on your path. I really do like the cover for your lead magnet. It shows that you have put in a lot of effort and sought a lot of advice to make it just right and to show your style. Nice job in keeping up with all of your other priorities such as eating healthy and taking care of your mind and body. I continue to look forward to your blog post and it is great that you have not missed any. I must say that I do miss your videos a little. Hope you are doing well and have a great week!
    Ernie recently posted…Hockey and Baseball…at the same time!My Profile

  7. Yeah, you’re adjusting to a new schedule through thick and thin!!

    Cheering you on with your 2 goals for next week. I’m there with you.

    I like 1 & 3. number 2. not sure of the color yellow. I think there’s an issue for some people with the color yellow.
    I searched for where I might heard that so found a color chart that might be useful.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…The Power of TransformationMy Profile

  8. Hi Alison,

    I ate a lot of Jollibee when I visited the Philippines last year, as there are none where I live! I don’t know why I never took a selfie of myself with the mascot.
    I feel your pain about insufficient time because my 7-3 work schedule drains most of my energy. A couple of times, I slept early and woke up at 3-4 AM to do some affiliate marketing work before leaving the house at 6 AM.
    I try to do most of my blog work during my days off.

    I wish you luck with Facebook lead ads. I might also consider trying it if pay-per-click search ads don’t work for me.
    Alberto recently posted…Too Much Online Information Drives Me Crazy!My Profile

  9. Yet another fantastic walkthrough of your week! Thanks for showing us how to go about crafting Facebook lead ads! It’s incredibly helpful to see the thought process and detailed steps from concept to creation. This kind of behind-the-scenes look is exactly what rookies need to gain confidence and insight into effective advertising strategies. Thanks for sharing your journey; it’s motivating to see how persistence and attention to detail pay off!

  10. Alison, Congratulations on keeping up with your blog posts and your healthy habits despite the busy schedule. I really like the e-book you created—it’s fantastic! Your dedication to making your own lead magnet from scratch is truly inspiring. Keep pushing forward; you’re doing amazing Atif

  11. Hey Alison, you have done a good job with your lead magnet! I love your mock-up. It works because I have the temptation to grab a copy for me!😊 I know what it is to work 9to5, time for business is greatly reduced. We do what we can.
    I’m not yet involved with lead ads, but I plan to learn it in the next few weeks. Continue your good work you are doing real progress.
    Martin Lefebvre recently posted…Ghosts Helped Me Find My WHYMy Profile

  12. I am stunned at the amount of stuff that you are doing. I can’t wait to see how you’re progressing with the lead ads. i would love to delve into this aspect and am eagerly waiting to find out more. Keep up the great work and please take care.

  13. That’s really impressive. Switching shifts, keeping up with your blog and doing your lead magnet shows dedication and skill! No wonder you’re tired.
    When people are eating out and eating for convenience is so tempting. I’ve fallen for that already this week, but I’m back on track and getting organised taking food to work- so I know the pain of that!!
    I love your front cover of your lead magnet. It’s really bright and eye catching. I love the pattern, personally my eyes would go to something like that! Well done with everything- you’re smashing it!!

  14. Hi there,

    I completely relate to how quickly the weeks are flying by. Juggling a 9 to 5 job and working on your blog can definitely be exhausting, especially with such a significant shift in your schedule and the long commute. It sounds like you’re doing an amazing job of balancing everything, though!

    It’s fantastic that you haven’t missed a single blog post and that you’re sticking to your healthy eating and meal prepping despite all the tempting breakroom treats. Your dedication to prioritizing your financial, mental, and physical health is truly inspiring.

    Your progress on the lead magnet and ad mockups is exciting to hear about. Creating a personalized lead magnet to connect with your audience on a deeper level is a great strategy. It’s also reassuring to know that others in your class are taking extra time to perfect their work, and having the extra Q&A sessions must be incredibly helpful.

    Coordination across time zones can definitely be tricky, but it’s great that you and Sophie were able to reschedule and get back on track. Your goals for the next week sound solid and achievable. Setting up an automated email sequence and creating a compelling Facebook Lead Ad will surely take your affiliate business to the next level.

    I’m currently working on refining my content strategy and experimenting with different ad formats for Facebook. It’s a challenging but rewarding journey. I’d love to hear more about your experience with Place It and how it’s helping you with your mock-up ideas.

    Looking forward to seeing your finalized lead magnet next week! Keep up the great work, and let’s definitely ride from rookie to riches together!

    Steve Moore recently posted…Understanding Your Customer.  The Keystone of Effective Email MarketingMy Profile

  15. Wow, Alison, I’m reading this and I’m so impressed that you are handling all that you’re doing. I know with the introduction of your new job, that has made your journey much more challenging, but I can appreciate you sharing these challenges with your followers. This is real, and it’s going to help so many people. You’re showing that you don’t have to have the perfect circumstances to be successful at this process. You’re an inspiration and I’m excited to continue to reading about your journey.

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