From Rookie to Riches: Unleashing the Power of Lead Magnets and Funnel Building on My Journey to Success!

Hello, welcome to my blog!!!!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alison Blaire, and I have joined Dean Holland’s program, Internet Profit Accelerators. I am learning Dean’s proven plan and how to go from rookie to riches, and I am sharing every step of my journey with you, here on my blog!

This week’s homework was quite a lot, and I have to admit I have not finished it all…..

Last week’s class was full of so much information, and the homework assignment was to complete two big things:

(1) Choosing a lead magnet 

(2) Setting up an opt-in funnel so you have a way to capture emails and build a list of superfans! 

I got #1 accomplished 🎉I have chosen a lead magnet!

Have you heard of a lead magnet before? I touched on this in last week’s blog post, but a lead magnet is basically a bribe (lol). It is a gift, something of value that you give away to entice people to give you their email addresses. 

It can be a range of things:

Homework assignment number 2: Setting up an opt-in funnel so you have a way to capture emails and build a list of superfans, is still a work in progress. 🤷‍♀️

On Tuesday, I was working away trying to set up the opt-in funnel. I made a lot of progress. I designed an opt-in page, a thank-you page, and a gift delivery page! 

But there is still much to do. 

And then I remember a little advice from Dean.

I shouldn’t feel bad that I haven’t gotten all the homework done.

I am putting in the effort….moving at my own pace

Sometimes, I feel the day just flies by….

Sitting down to write copy or format an opt-in page, and the hours disappear.

Where did the day go?

Does this happen to you?

I swear I have been putting in the effort, watching all the training videos, and doing it along with Dean and the team. I am doing it…so when I don’t finish it all, it does get to me a bit. I’ll be frank: I am one of those people who will keep going and going until I finish, and when time runs out, it feels like I failed if I didn’t get it all accomplished. 

Yesterday, I worked on the opt-in funnel and published my new book on Amazon!

I worked from 1 pm – 6 pm, trying to get through my to-do list, or at least make a significant dent in it.

Yesterday, 6 pm was my cut-off because I had dinner plans with my best friend and her kids.

When she texted me, let’s meet at Nutes at 630pm, I was tempted to cancel; I should be working, my brain said. Was the dent I made significant enough? Can I take a break?

Thankfully, my boyfriend reminded me that, YES, I deserve a break, that I have been working hard, and I need to spend time with my friends and family.

And I am so glad I did! 

Hanging with the kids gets my mindset in a good place, and it is a reminder that being present with the people in my life is the greatest gift life has to offer, and it is my WHY for doing all this, to begin with.

It also reminded me that, we are just big kids, and we all learn in our own way, go on our own path, and figure things out when it is our time.

Life really is about the journey. 

Here is a funny story from last night: Nutes has kid’s menus that are coloring pages. I was coloring one of the menus while Ola played a game on the phone. I am not sure if he was the owner, but he spotted my picture and grabbed it to be put up on the wall; he tore another picture down and put mine up; everyone was so excited! Ola put her name on it; little did I know, they had been going there for years trying to get up on the wall, and this was the first time! Here is a picture of Ola in front of the “wall of fame.”

When I got home, I looked back on the week and celebrated all the things that did get accomplished instead of thinking about the things that are still on the to do list.

And I started thinking about this week’s homework assignment in a different way. I mean, these two assignments are so important.

Choosing a lead magnet and building a way to get people onto a list so that I can email them, is basically building the entire platform and structure of my business.

This is the meat and potatoes and shouldn’t be rushed! 

These things require thought; it’s not a couple of clicks and done; it’s designing, being true to your brand, and really thinking about how to attract the right people…

What lead magnet can I use that will not only entice people to join my list but will provide them with value?

As part of Internet Profits Accelerator and the new Affiliate Systems platform, Dean has provided us with 5 video training that we can choose to use as lead magnets.

So the first question is, do I use one of these videos, and if so, which one?

Do my subscribers want training from Dean, or do they want something from me? 

As a newbie, I have been working on my own lead manget, a book, actually. As I mentioned earlier, I have another business, ABG Publishing, and I have penned many books, but have I gone on the affiliate marketing journey long enough to have a book full of value? Do I have enough gold nuggets to share?

I don’t want to fall down that rabbit hole of imposter syndrome. 

So, I stuck to the assignment: What can I offer to give my  “superfans” the most value?

I spent Monday watching each video Dean created, and I thought they were packed with value and a great gift to entice people to join my list. And I can always make changes down the line once I have some more experience, and a book makes sense. 

After watching all of Dean’s videos I chose two videos that I think are packed with value. I was so torn about which one to giveaway I decided to give away both! 

 I want to overdeliver, I want to provide value, and I want you to like me lol. No, really, I do.

Therefore, I am giving away  TWO pieces of training from the man, the legend himself, Dean Holland!!!

The first is The Beginners Business Blueprint – in this video, Dean shows you how he went from working a 9 to 5 construction job with 60K in debt to earning a full-time income online, quitting that 9 to 5, and going on to make millions a year, following one proven path that he has discovered through all his trials and tribulations of being an affiliate marketer. 

I chose this training because it shows someone who has done what I want to do, and I suspect you want to do as well, go from a life of “I can’t afford this or that” to a life of financial freedom and working for yourself affording you the gift of time and work-life balance. This video breaks it down and provides a blueprint that shows how anyone can go from a newbie to a full-time income of $3000+ per month online.

What I love about Dean, and in the training is he is not promising unrealistic expectations like most of the ads I am seeing on my Facebook feed: get rich quick, this one’s for the broke and lazy; he is breaking down affiliate marketing, explaining the business model, and giving you a realistic proven plan to go from rookie to making a full-time income online.  

He is setting realistic expectations, $3000/month, and a timeline of  6-12 months.  

The Second training I chose to offer is The Perfect Path to 7 Figures!

In this video, Dean expands on the proven plan and the four core areas to focus on for success. He breaks down what a funnel is and talks about the funnel he created that Russel Brunson coined the “Ultimate Funnel.” Dean has won multiple double common awards from Russell Brunson, If you are not familiar with this, it’s where you create a funnel that makes a million dollars.

Pretty impressive, but Dean breaks it down, explains it all, and shows you how to be successful as an affiliate marketer using this proven plan.

And this proven plan is exactly what he is teaching me! 

Every week, I get a new piece of the puzzle, learn a new set of skills, or build upon an existing skill, developing them so that I have the skills and knowledge to go from rookie to riches. 

Now that I have chosen a lead magnet and have two amazing trainings to give away, how do I get people who want to learn about affiliate marketing to give me their email addresses in exchange for these trainings? 


The answer is homework assignment #2: Setting up an opt-in funnel so you have a way to capture emails and build a list of superfans! 

I feel like I am starting my first day at school, picking out my outfit and walking in the doors, feeling nervous, will anyone like me, will I find my place…..

The opt-in page is basically your message to potential superfans that offers them the lead magnet in exchange for their email address. 

It is as simple as: Join my email list and this is what you will get for joining!

So, the next task this week, and what I have been working on, trying to get finished (hopefully by the end of the day today after I post this 😊 is building this funnel and having a link that you can use on my blog to join! 

You can get these amazing videos and I get your email address!

Then the question becomes, what do I do with your email address?

It feels like I struck gold by getting you on my list.

Now that you are on my list, I have to send you a newsletter, aka email, at least once a week.

And these emails have to be filled with value.

So then that critic in my head starts asking, what am I going to put in the emails?

What can I share that is above and beyond, what exclusives can I offer that is more than what they can get on this blog?

Well, that is a problem for future me, JK. 

Creating a sequence of emails, a strategy, and what products and resources I have been using that can help others is something I will need to reflect on in-depth to ensure I am delivering value. 

But first, I am off to finish homework assignment #2!!!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress, and be sure to present the final version in my next blog post and go over all the steps it took to create it!!!!

Until then, please comment below! Are you interested or intrigued by these two trainings? Are you excited and want to join my list and get a weekly newsletter from me? Are you building an affiliate business? What lead magnet have you chosen?

I would love to hear from you; your support means so much; if you are at a different stage, share below a win for the week; what is something that you accomplished? Let’s celebrate!!!!!!

Let’s ride from rookie to riches together!!!!

Alison Blaire  


P.S. If you are intrigued and want the two FREE trainings and join my newsletter, all is coming! By my next post, I will have the link ready!



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