Fueling Your Success: Mastering Mindset, Celebrating Wins on the Road to Affiliate Marketing, & Unlocking the Power of Linktree

Happy Saturday!

Welcome back to my blog.

This week has been filled with too many 6 am mornings, in my opinion.

Thursday, I attended a special 3-hour Internet Profits LIVE Partner Virtual Event!

It was a really great start to my day; it was very inspirational!

A year ago, if I were to attend an event like this, I probably would have thought that Dean talking about how your MINDSET and your habits are the key to success was common sense. When are we going to learn the secret sauce?

But the truth of the matter is MINDSET  is the secret sauce.

Dean spoke about how until you overcome YOU the biggest obstacle, you will not reach success.

If you are still rolling your eyes every time someone tells you that the reason your hard work is getting no results is your mindset, I get you; I was there once, not too long ago.

But it is true.

How do you get yourself in the right mindset?

How do you make yourself consistently do the right actions daily, over and over again?

How do you get yourself in the right head space so that when technical difficulties arise, and they will, you find a way to confront them head-on and learn from them constantly moving forward, no matter how many steps you get knocked back?

No more resistance, no more fear. Every day, you come to the table focused and ready to work.

Easier said than done.

I think my mindset is on the right path, but I still catch myself not doing what I should be out of resistance, like checking my emails daily.

I see my reminder pop up, and instead of jumping to complete the task at hand, I hit the remind me in 1-hour button, way too often.

Mindset is not a one-and-done. It is something that you need to work on constantly, it’s a muscle that needs exercise and practice.

I did check my emails, and you know what? If you check them daily, it takes away the overwhelm 🙂

I highly recommend the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. He does an exceptional job at explaining resistance, and it’s nice to know that humans are built this way and we can overcome it with some work.

Dean understands human behavior, and he knows that the hardest part of becoming a successful affiliate marketer is the beginning. Thus, he called it the “brutal beginning. ”

What makes the beginning so brutal is you don’t know what you don’t know. And you have to learn a bunch of new skills and get good at them. Learning new stuff and getting confronted with obstacles turns on our fears, doubts, and excuses, which ultimately stand in our way – leading to self-sabotage.

I get it. We all want things at the click of a button.

That is why so many on social media have ads ” for the broke and lazy.” We want things that have no barrier to entry and no time commitment.

But if you get rich as quickly and easily as possible, everyone will be rich.

With the right effort, support, and training, anyone can master anything. You just need to give yourself time and know that everyone moves at their own speed.

Don’t worry; I will continue to delve into Mindset and check in with you through the journey, and one great way to do that is to celebrate your wins. On social media every Friday, I will be posting my wins from the week, and I encourage you to do the same. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok so we can celebrate together!

This week, I want to celebrate all the things I have learned!

1. Checking your emails daily makes it less scary since there is not a lot of spam built up in a day!

2. Canva has a magic wand feature that is really cool!

3. You can only edit and post videos on Instagram that are a max of 1 minute and 30 seconds. (This one I learned when I was trying to add subtitles to a video that was longer than 1.30, I had to use VEED.IO instead.)

4. The ideal size for blog images on WordPress is 6000w x 4000h px.

But the coolest thing I learned this week came on Friday’s class with Dean: LINKTREE!!!

Linktree might be the name of the company, but basically it is a simple webpage that you get a link for that can be added to your bios on your social media profiles or anywhere, this one link, has buttons that lead to all your other traffic platforms.

With this little tool, someone can click on a link in your social media bio and hit a link to go directly to your blog or even straight to your email list!

Where have I been? I have never heard of this before. Well, I guess you don’t know what you don’t know!

Let’s look at an example:

By the way, if you want to create your LinkTree, you can do so by going to https://linktr.ee/.

What is even cooler is that the Affiliate Systems Platform gives you the ability to create a Linktree, and you don’t need to pay any additional money for the service or open an account with LinkTree!

As we are starting to develop organic traffic strategies, blog posting/hopping, and now social media posting, this tool is coming at the perfect time, which I am sure is no accident.

This week’s homework assignment: set up your Linktree!

Are you ready to create your Linktree? Are you still deciding on your primary traffic platform (YouTube, Quora, Facebook, etc.)?  If so, what is it? If not, what questions do you have? I want to know where you are at in your journey so please comment below!

And don’t forget to follow me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) so that you can join me for #WIN Fridays! Where we will be posting and celebrating our wins together!

Look forward to hearing from you and hope this week is full of learning and fun as we ride together from rookie to riches!

To our success,

Alison Blaire




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  1. Woo Hoo, Alison. That was a GREAT post! I love how you share your progress as it happens, and you can tell how much you are growing with this process. Congratulations on another successful blog post. I look forward to reading more as you continue moving forward.

  2. As a new Canva user, I was delighted to see the call MAGIC button you demonstrated, there is just so much stuff in there I have yet to discover. I guess part of the success mindset has to be a willingness to explore, learn and adapt! Now if only I could find that Makic Remove poor habits and behaviour button,, I would be sorted.

    Thanks for the great post

    1. Tony, I wish there were such a button to remove bad habits, that would be amazing! I will be posting on my social media tomorrow another cool Canva trick that is amazing, where you can group items together. Check it out on any of my social media platforms by going to my new linktree: https://rookietorichesride.com/links.

    1. Kate, I am so glad you enjoyed the training. I am glad you are filled with curiosity and excitement; I am too, and I think it will help us to keep our beginner advantage and approach each day with the openness to learn because you don’t know what you don’t know, right?

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Alison! Wow, you had quite an impactful week! You should definitely be celebrating all the lessons and nuggets you took away from this past week!

    BTW, I absolutely love Canva but I had no idea about the magic tool you just showed! I definitely will try to use that here in the near future, thank you for providing that tutorial, always helpful! I’m just now learning a little about Linktree myself and, like you, I’m finding it way cool. From what I’m learning about it, it looks to be like a huge benefit to my business and social media platforms!

    I will also be following you on your social channels!

  4. Thank you for sharing these tricks and tips! I particularly love the eraser feature in Canva. Although I’ve been using Canva, I wasn’t aware of this feature, so thanks for enlightening me!

  5. I used to roll my eyes too when people talked about mindset. But the funny thing is people who roll their eyes are probably those who need to work on their mindset the most. And I agree that it is easier said than done.

    Regarding LinkTree, the great thing about it is that you can have multiple links on it. But I have also heard some marketers say not to add too many links to it. Because when you give people way too many options, they get confused and do nothing. So I thought this is something worth testing out once you have more followers.

    1. Alan, that is a great point! It has been tested that when consumers are given too many options, it is overwhelming and creates indecisiveness. Have you heard of “The Jam Experiment?” It is famous and possibly the first study that pointed to the adverse effects of choice. The subject was jam. Researchers found that more people purchased jam when fewer options were available. Human psychology is amazing and definitely something to be aware of as a marketer. Thank you for brining up this very important point!

  6. Alison, your blogs are great because you always teach us something. You don’t only talk about what you’ve been doing, but you also share a practical exercise that we can do to learn and hone new skills. So thanks for that that really was a useful tool getting rid of the hotel sign as I think there’s so many platforms and systems out there, but we never get given training. You just use them and try and muddle your way through. yes regarding the linktree training it was amazing. I’ve managed to complete mine and I’ve got the page up and running with all the buttons and connected to all the different social media platforms. It really is a powerful thing and it’s like building an ecosystem, where anybody from anywhere can go to wherever they like, keep keeping them within your world , thanks for another blog and I look forward to the next one. Thanks, Atif

    1. Atif, I thank you for your kind words and want to congratulate you on getting your linktree up and running; that is for sure something to celebrate #win!!!

  7. Hi Alison,
    Great job talking about Mindset. I myself need to get out of my own way. love the tutorials with Canva. I haven’t used Canva yet, but looks like I will have to start.

    Again great job, I’m glad you have yourself on a few platforms.


  8. Alison,
    Totally on the same page with you about mindset being the secret sauce – it’s the game-changer in any business! And oh boy, the daily email struggle is real for me too. We’re on a mission to get better at it, right? 😅 Thanks a bunch for the informative video on Cava, super helpful tip! Also, kudos on working on your Linktree (I am working on mine also) – a fantastic way to direct traffic to different social media spots and our Owned Asset. Excited for your next post!

  9. Hi Alison,
    Great post! Mindsets seem to be the one biggest hurdle everyone needs to overcome!
    The last couple of months have been a roller-coaster of emotions both personally and at work. The one thing that helped me get through it? The mindset I had told myself: I can do this!
    Looking forward to reading your future posts – and being able to continue working on my mindset!

  10. It’s a good post Alison,

    When talking about your daily visits to your email inbox, I would have added that you should unsubscribe from all email lists that you’ve “magically” joined without your knowledge. I used to get about 20 emails a day that didn’t interest me. Now it’s 2 or 3.

    I must try to find a way to include on-screen instructional videos like your Canva video. I think that is a great way to improve the quality, value, and instructiveness of any blog post.


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