Guiding the Click: The Underrated Power of CTAs for Affiliate Marketers

Happy Saturday,

I have to confess this week was pretty much consumed by emails. You know how it goes—hours and hours spent crafting emails! But guess what? I’m nearly there with eight solid emails that I’m really proud of, and the rest are falling into place nicely.

While working on this email sequence, I needed to provide value to the reader. Time is precious, and I wanted to make sure I was giving them some good stuff to make it worth their time to read. Picking the right information at the right time is critical, so I dove through all of Dean, my mentor’s collection of lead magnets, and I decided to create some of my very own from scratch.

Initially, I went a bit overboard. I mean, I threw the whole kitchen sink at people—offering this training and that training. I wanted to give everyone all the tools for success.

Thankfully, I have been sending my emails to Sophie for review, and she gave me some great feedback. She called my emails out for having too many links, a single email should only offer one thing. What I was doing was potentially overwhelming and chaotic, leaving people confused about what to do next. A clear call to action was missing, which is crucial.

This welcome email sequence should take the reader on a journey. Each email should flow into the next, creating stepping stones to help the reader along the way, and there should be a clear call to action (CTA).

When you’ve got someone’s attention on your email or website, you don’t want that interest to just fizzle out, right? A well-crafted CTA turns curiosity into action—whether it’s buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or even just reading more. It’s like giving your audience a roadmap, guiding them toward the next step, and, ultimately, helping you achieve your goals. So, it’s not just important; it’s essential for keeping the momentum going!

This is not my first time hearing this, I have been working on a health and wellness blog, as I publish books in this niche and have a huge passion for health and wellness, it’s something super close to my heart. I’ve been dealing with my own health issues, and I’m determined to heal my health issues and grow old gracefully with the power of food, exercise, stress relief activities, and better sleep. Oh, and let’s not forget doing things to improve and retain mental cognition!

My first crack at creating this website is, let’s just say, a bit all over the place. I liked it, sure, but it lacks a clear call to action and a cohesive brand identity. You could look at it and genuinely ask, “What are they selling?” And that’s definitely not what I was aiming for.

Thankfully, I have an incredible group of people whom I can turn to for honest, constructive criticism.

Want to see my first attempt at a website? Then check out the video below. In it you will see the “before” and “after” which is really the now and in progress – lol.

Wherever you are on your journey, remember the importance of a clear brand, a defined call to action, and a coherent flow in your writing. These elements can make a world of difference in how your audience connects with your message.

Have any questions? Then comment below. I really love helping others and hope that sharing my affiliate marketing journey and all that I am learning is helping others like yourself.

Let’s continue riding from rookies to riches together—one step at a time.

To your success,

Alison Blaire




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  1. Hi Alison – Your blog post today really hit home for me! I am stuck in my own way of overthinking my emails and my leave magnet. Found is that I’m trying to provide too much Information to too many people all at the same time. This has been counterproductive for me and has caused me to procrastinate in sending these out like you after I talked with Sophie, I narrowed it down and hopefully the product will produce the desired effects. The way I see a welcome email is getting the reader’s attention from the beginning. It’s like that first sip of coffee or that first bite of cake that will hopefully draw them in to consume the rest of what I might have to say. I’m a big fan of your content and have bookmarked a few of your posts to refer to as needed. I appreciate your willingness to help and to share your experiences with those of us that are trying to make a go in this business. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
    Ernie recently posted…That White Piece in the Sky…My Profile

    1. That makes my day to know you book marked my posts 🙂 Here if you need anything along your journey!

    1. You are killing it, Kate; you are posting on social and YouTube consistently with a clear message and call to action!!! Seeing your consistency is definitely inspiring!!!

  2. Hi Alison,

    It’s great to see your progress and dedication to refining your website! I recently revamped my website as well. Your journey is inspiring, and I love how you’ve highlighted the importance of a clear brand and engaging content flow. Your willingness to share and help others on their affiliate marketing journeys is truly commendable. Keep up the fantastic work! I’m sure your insights will continue to benefit many.

    Meredith Moore recently posted… Enhancing My Blog with Expert Advice From My Mentor Glenn: A Journey of Tweaks and TransformationMy Profile

  3. Hi Alison,
    What a journey you’ve been on this week! It’s clear that crafting those emails took dedication and hard work, but the end results seem truly rewarding. The focus on providing real value to your readers and streamlining the content to guide them effectively is commendable.

    The importance of a clear call to action and a coherent brand identity cannot be overstated, and it’s great to see you actively seeking feedback and working towards improving your email sequence and website, thank you for sharing these tips.

    Sharing your experiences, successes, and challenges in affiliate marketing is not only informative but also creates a sense of community and support for others on a similar journey.

    I’m excited to see your progress and the transformation of your website! It’s clear that you’re on the path to success and growth, and your openness to feedback will set you on the right track. Keep moving forward, one step at a time, and continue inspiring those around you.

    All the best in your journey.
    Ezequiel Wells recently posted…Weekly Business Update: Progress, Challenges, Achievements, and Family TimeMy Profile

  4. Alison, thank you for the inspiration! So many times I catch myself overthinking what I am trying to accomplish only to determine later that I either messed things up or made things worse. We must remember we may know what we do and what we sale but others do not… A clear Call To Action is a must! The attention span of those that we are trying to get the attention of is very limited. We must grab their attention and keep it in order for them to become a lead and potential customer. Thank you for this reminder!
    David Roper recently posted…Independence Day Declaired!My Profile

  5. Alison, I am so guilty of providing too many links in an email – and each with a call to action. Your post is a good reminder to tone down the number of links.

    I hear you on the topic of dealing with health issues. I know a thing or two about getting better sleep and I don’t know if you’ve heard this – but most people are deficient in magnesium (among other things). And it can help with getting better sleep.
    Robert Klein recently posted…A Smart Looking BlogMy Profile

  6. Hi Alison,
    Great post and great information for all of us! CTA is definitely something to keep in mind in the emails.
    Looking forward to how all of these come together and make your business successful!
    And thanks for sharing the website pages; as you mentioned the one with canva has a clearer definition of what the user can expect and the CTA is also clearer.
    I think one big question I was asked regarding a blog or website was “why am I here? and what can I expect?” if you can answer those questions, I’m quite sure you’re on the right path!
    All the best!

  7. Sounds like you’ve had a super productive week! Crafting emails can definitely be a time-consuming process, but it’s great to hear you’re almost there with eight solid ones.
    Thank you for being honest that your first go at the website was a bit all over the place—happens to the best of us. But having a supportive group for feedback is gold. Can’t wait to see where you take it next!

  8. Allison,
    I am enjoying following your journey. You put a plan in place and do it. Good job on your emails. I am still working on my email sequence. It can be daunting. I have also decided to go into the health and wellness niche.
    Sherri S Pulcino recently posted…Found my nicheMy Profile

  9. Alison, It’s amazing how much effort goes into crafting the perfect email sequence! Your focus on providing real value to your readers and refining your approach shows great dedication. Simplifying the content and adding a clear call to action can indeed make a huge difference. Your passion for health and wellness shines through, and it’s great that you have a supportive team for feedback. Thanks for sharing your journey—looking forward to seeing your progress! I am working on my email sequence as we speak!! Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Back to SKOOL with Dean part 2/2My Profile

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