How to Monetize in Affiliate Marketing…

Happy Saturday!

It is week 23 on this crazy journey!

I hope you are coming along for the ride.

Although it has been one full of ups and downs, it has also been full of growth and learning.I saw this quote the other day and wanted to share:

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

And I truly resonate with this quote. Life is so short, and we need to enjoy every second of it.

This past month has been quite a rollercoaster for me: I started a new job,  I ran into a technological roadblock, my dad started chemo, and I’ve had to prioritize and accept my limitations and smart goals. 

I bought two houses with my partner; oh, did I mention I also have a property management business?

As an entrepreneur, I believe it is important to have multiple streams of income, and real estate is something I got into a couple of years ago. Buying houses with a friend, renovating it, and renting it. And we just bought two more!

It’s been an adjustment to figure out how to work a full-time job and continue making consistent steps forward with my affiliate marketing, publishing business, and property management business.

My boyfriend is going to go to my place in June to help renovate the first house. I am feeling so grateful for this, as my body is not up for the challenge currently due to my own health issues, and I don’t want to take any time off of work right now. It’s important that I learn all I can and take advantage of this training time to learn all I can

Since time is limited, I am trying to only do one task at a time. I am still focused on getting everything set up to run a Facebook Leads Ad.

In order to have a good Facebook Lead Ad, you need to come up with the right images and verbiage. to stop someone from scrolling , Come up with a lead maget, something to giveaway in exchange for people’s email addresses. Having a way to capture those email address’s onto a list and sending an automated welcome email sequence to start to build know, like and trust.

I am happy to report back that I have finished my lead magnet, created a welcome email sequence consisting of 8 emails, and created the first iteration of my Facebook Lead Ad!!!!

AND the coolest thing was that in Affiliate Systems I was able to integrate my Facebook Lead Ad so that once people fill out the form on Facebook they automatically get added to my list and sent the welcome email series!!!

This is one feature I am super excited to check out!

With other platforms like Aweber and ClickFunnels, I had to use a third party to connect my Facebook Lead Ad to the email sequence, such as Maker or Zapier. 

But with Affiliate Systems, no third party is needed! If you want to watch a video of me setting up my Facebook Lead Ad and connecting it to my email sequence then check it out on Youtube by clicking here! 

I will admit as part of my commitment to keep moving forward I had to make some sacrifices. So I skipped last week’s and this Wednesday’s 430 am class because I desperately needed sleep. 

Thankfully, they are recorded, and I got to watch the replays!

Week 21 + 22 of Dean’s lessons were all about monetization! 

Dean shared a lot of good information, and naturally, I want to share it with you!

Monetization 101 (Week 21+22 Lesson):

“Focus on the process, and the money will come.” This is a lesson Dean likes to drill into us, and the reason is that if you sit there always looking and wanting the end result, the journey can be a bit frustrating. Let’s face it: If you went fishing and were only focused on catching the fish, you would probably be super stressed out. Fishing, like affiliate marketing, is putting your pole in the water and waiting patiently. So, save yourself from stress, and “don’t chase money; let money chase you!’

Don’t sacrifice money for integrity. Don’t sell something to make money. Sell something because you know it is truly going to help someone. It is important to have the mindset: I want to share this and put this out to help others. Notice the common theme 🙂 Instead of chasing money, chase the idea of helping others and being valuable to others.

People are not going to buy stuff when you want them to. People see thousands of ads each day. Dean breaks down that a sale will only happen when your ad hits the right person and it is the right offer for that person at the right time. When all three things are aligned, a sale will take place!

Emails are a huge part of monetization. As you have heard me say in my previous blog posts, 90% of money is made from offers in your emails. I am sure you have heard the phrase the money is in the list. This is where email marketing comes in!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get people to open your emails, read them, and click on the links!

Dean gave us some great tips on how to do this, but before we delve in…. a reminder for anyone cringing at the thought of sending emails. 

When sending emails, starting out can feel really uncomfortable.

This is where that saying comes in: Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

To succeed in this business, you got to grow a tough skin and suck it up and do what is necessary, and if you can get over going on video on social media, then sending emails is nothing 🙂 – at least in my opinion. Because to me, going live is so scary, I would much rather just push that send button, but tbh, that also gives me anxiety. I feel like I am bothering people lol oh, human brain, you are so funny.

Also, if you are thinking I have nothing to write, what am I going to send? Thankfully, writer’s block is no longer an issue with AI tools like chatGPT! 

You can prompt ChatGPT to give you ideas for emails and even templates you can make your own. 

Dean also recommended using “the beginner’s advantage.

Life happens all around us, and we keep going on our journey to make our goals a reality. We are the underdog and everyone want’s to watch the underdog win -right?

Planning on sitting down to get some work done and…

You get a call that it’s a family emergency…

Your pet got into something they shouldn’t have and has to go to the vet….

Life happens, I know I just said that but it happens to everyone and that is what makes us relatable and find the people we are just a few steps ahead of showing them, hell if we can do it so can they! 

The simple way to do this is to be aware of things happening in your day-to-day life. Be open-minded to perceive and recognize your day-to-day and share them in a way that is relevant and links to your business.

And when you write your emails, write like you speak…

Feel free to use dictation software, something that you can talk into, and it will type it out for you.

Remember it’s not one and done. It is all about consistency. It is recommended to send emails at least once a week. 

And…..keep going, send emails even if people unsubscribe, keep practicing, and get better and better. There are people out there who are aligned with your journey and ready for someone like you to show them the way. Not everyone will love you, but a few people will. These are your superfans, and that is exactly who you want on your list. Let the other people unsubscribe.

People can unsubscribe weather you are sending emails or not sending enough. So just be you. Send what you can commit to, and just have the best intentions, and go for it. 

If you need help, there are a ton of resources for copyrighting. This is a skill set that you can get really good at by practicing.

In conclusion….

  • Never buy lists – ever.
  • Only email people who have opted into your email list
  • Email daily or whatever frequency you can consistently keep up with, but more is better
  • Always have their best interest at heart 
  • Use what goes on in your life as content for your emails
  • Have a subject line that evokes curiosity 


Whether you are using emails to make offers or making offers in your content on social media, YouTube, etc. Keep going, as consistency is key! I apologize for not making as many tutorials lately, but I promise to record me creating this ad on Facebook and connecting to Affiliate System, so stay tuned. The video is coming soon!

If you need anything in the meantime, just comment below or hit the Contact Me tab above. I am here to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s ride from rookie to riches together!

To our success,

Alison Blaire





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  1. Alison, I always enjoy reading your posts. Not only are they a fun read, but have great life lessons as well as business lessons, and are quite relatable. You give me a lot of inspiration and being so far ahead of me in Beginner’s Advantage, I look forward to learning all of that. Damn, you have a lot going on, but multiple streams of income is the only way to go. I have a good friend who flips houses in PA. She has done well, but it is so much work. I am not that talented. I am way more left-brained. I enjoy watching HGTV and seeing them transform a wreck into a beautiful home. However, I have no idea how I would actually do it. Kudos for doing that, and having your boyfriend as a partner is even better. You two will accomplish much together! I am so nervous about using ChatGPT and AI. I’m afraid anything I do won’t sound genuine. However, seeing your post, I will look into it. I wish you well this week.

    1. Jordan, I promise ChatGPT is going to be a total game-changer. Please let me know after you test it out how you like it!!

  2. Wow! …and I thought I was busy : ) MANY THANKS for all the incredibly valuable information. I align entirely with your philosophy of adding value. Don’t be nervous about using AI for idea generation, but… do be nervous about using it as a substitute for the uniqueness of you. It’s your story and your journey that always makes reading your posts so enjoyable. Thanks again!
    Michael recently posted…Simplify to AmplifyMy Profile

  3. There are plenty of email lists I’m on that email me every day or nearly every day – and I don’t read most of them, but I’m not bothered because I like them and want to be on the list. If I didn’t I’d unsubscribe – so I agree there’s no reason to be worried about emailing people too much

    1. Nathan, I get a ton of emails, too, and although I don’t read most of them, once in a while, there is definitely an email subject line that gets my attention, and I open it! It only takes one time for it to all align to make that sale!!!!

  4. Hi Alison – I am truly in all of you! Every time I read your blog posts or watch one of your videos, I learn something new about you. I learned that you are very busy and I also learned that you are very good at managing your time. You really need to manage your time well with all that you have going on! You did a great job of summarizing Dean’s points and I’m so glad that you did as I needed a refresher. I’m sorry that you had a very busy month filled with a lot of speed bumps and some roadblocks, but you made it! You showed up! And you’re moving forward!! Take care and have a fantastic week – you’ve earned it

    1. Thank you, Ernie! I am happy to report back that I took advantage of the Memorial Day Holiday, had a great relaxing weekend, and did nothing but enjoy the company of friends and family! Then, on Monday, I kicked my boyfriend out of the house – lol and worked worked worked!!! Scheduling time to just have fun is just as important as making sure to take small steps forward in our business each day, am I right?

  5. You never cease to amaze me. This time I find out not only do you have a new job, you also have at least two businesses as well. I think the term property management has a different meaning in the States. Over here in Australia (and in the UK, I believe) it means a company or person who manages rental properties for landlords who actually own the properties. Anyway, best of luck with all your ventures. A pleasure to read as always and I love the layout of you website (have I said that before?).
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Covid 19 and Scammers BewareMy Profile

    1. Property Managers mean the same here as well. Someone who manages rental properties for landlords. I guess we are more landlords since we do have a property manager. We have a great team on the ground there. As in every business it’s important to have a network of people you can turn to!

    1. I promise I will not give up! I am so determined! Love watching your videos you are inspirational! Wish I could be doing more, but grateful to be right where I am at!

  6. Wow, what a whirlwind of a month you’ve had! Despite all the challenges, it’s inspiring to see you pushing forward with your diverse ventures. Your dedication to balancing a new job, family responsibilities, and multiple businesses is truly commendable. It’s fantastic that your boyfriend is stepping in to help with renovations, allowing you to focus on your health and learning. My husband is incredible but a DIY is something he wouldn’t be helping with! I’m excited to hear about your progress with Facebook Lead Ads and how Affiliate Systems streamlines the process for you. Keep embracing the discomfort and pushing through—it’s all part of the journey to success! And thanks for the tip about using AI tools like ChatGPT for email ideas—definitely a game-changer! I will try and use that to help me next week, rather than sitting at a computer for hours trying to think of something for the e-mail! Thank you!

    1. Yes!!! Embracing the discomfort and pushing through seems to be the path to success and the reason why most people quit. Let me know how your journey with AI goes, I hope it helps you as much as it does me!

  7. Allison,
    Wowza, you sure are busy! Congratulations on the real estate. It is a good idea to have multiple streams of income. I appreciate this post and your information on emails as I am currently working on my email sequence. My goal this week is to complete my emails. Good luck with FB lead ads. I am sure you will crush it!
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…New GoalMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much! That is a great goal!!! How many emails are you creating? Is this for a welcome sequence?

  8. Alison, Wow, what a journey you’ve been on! It’s inspiring to see how you’re navigating through life’s ups and downs while still making strides in your entrepreneurial ventures. The quote from Mahatma Gandhi really hits home about living life to the fullest and continually learning. Your dedication to multiple streams of income, from affiliate marketing to property management, showcases your commitment to success. And your insights into email marketing, especially the emphasis on consistency and authenticity, are invaluable for anyone navigating this space. Keep pushing forward, and I can’t wait to see your Facebook Lead Ad in action! Don’t work too hard. Make sure you make time to rest., Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Can you start Affiliate Marketing without a website or blog…………..Yes BUT I wouldn’t!My Profile

    1. Atif!!! I am happy to report that I spent the rest of the weekend having fun with friends and family AND sleeping in late!!! It was much needed!

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