Life Happens, Sometimes You need To Shift Your Plans, Regardless Mindset Will Get You Through It!

Happy Saturday.

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you felt like you couldn’t keep up with everything life was throwing at you? 

This week has been a whirlwind, testing my limits and teaching me the importance of adaptability. Starting a new job while managing personal commitments has been overwhelming, leading to moments of doubt and a realization that my previous goals need reevaluation to fit my new schedule.

It’s all about perspective. Instead of viewing these challenges as failures, I’m learning to adjust my goals to what’s realistically achievable.

Embracing change, I’m committed to making 2024 a year of growth, albeit at a different pace than initially planned. This shift is not about giving up but about strategically realigning my efforts to prevent burnout and being unwavering about my commitment to go from Rookie To Riches!

Despite the mental hurdles, I’m grateful for the constants in my life – my kitties, my boyfriend, and my health. Practicing gratitude helps me face challenges with a positive outlook.

Working in a dialysis clinic has given me a fresh perspective on resilience and the relative nature of our struggles. It’s a reminder that we all face our battles, but it’s our mindset that determines how we confront them.

This week, I’ve also navigated the technical challenges of moving from ClickFunnels to Affiliate Systems. Despite encountering several issues, I’m focusing on the progress made rather than the setbacks.

My wins this week include successfully transferring my funnels, email lists, and domains to Affiliate Systems, getting everything set up, emails automation sequence firing and  updating my books that had active funnels so that dreaded error 404 was replaced with a working funnel to capture email lists and send them on a journey.

I even accomplished creating a new lead magnet for Sophies Facebook Lead Class week 2 assignemnt. These achievements are steps toward my larger goals and I am all about celebrating all the wins along the journey, because let’s be honest, it is hard to come home from a 8or 10 hour work day and start working on your business.

Instead of focusing on the issues I faced this week, like….

1. Clickfunnels making me transfer my domains to DNSimple and having to get a paid account with them in order for the domain transfer

2. DNSimple putting a hold on my Domains for 60 days, preventing them from being transferred directly to affiliate systems and requiring me to pay for two months of their service.

3. requires a 30-day advanced notice to cancel, so I will be billed again despite not using the service this month because I didn’t give them 30 days before the next bill date

4. When I moved everything over to the affiliate system, one of my domains was rejected and will not work, and despite meeting with an expert, I had to open a ticket and wait for a resolution

5. After setting up my four active funnels and republishing all my books, I noticed the email and reply emails are not sending correctly, and it is mixing up the three emails that I set up. Another issue no one was able to resolve and had to open a ticket for.

But instead of focusing on the issues, I am choosing to celebrate the wins!!!!

My #Wins this week:

1. Got all my funnels, emails, email lists, and domains moved out of Clickfunnels, and all are set up in Affiliate Systems

2. I have my 4 active funnels live and working ( despite the random email address issue)

3. I updated all the QR codes and republished 6 books that have these 4 active funnels

4. Created a lead magnet for My Facebook Lead Ads

I did record the whole thing and hope to have the video up as soon as possible.

How was your week? What are you celebrating this week? Have you been in a funk? Comment below. I would love to know what is going on in your world. Has your mindset been wavering, or are you still pumped and full of excitement and drive? What small steps have you taken this week towards your affiliate marketing business goals?

I am here to support you on this journey, so feel free to join my newsletter and just hit reply or fill out the contact form above if you have any questions or need anything.

Let’s ride from rookie to riches together!

To our success,

Alison Blaire  




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  1. Hi Alison, You are a testament to resilient overcoming of obstacles! How’s the new job? You are doing a great service to the patients. They are lucky to have you!

    Your tech skills (and perseverance) are exemplary. I view your expertise with the upmost respect!

    1. The new job is exciting. I am learning so much about dialysis and feel I have the opportunity to do great things and help a lot of people in this position. I will say that in this job and as a pharmacist, it is hard to see people unwilling to put their health first and make changes. Mindset is crucial in all aspects of our lives. Many people would rather keep eating bad food despite the fact it is killing them. As someone who has had to majorly change their diet due to health issues, I know how hard it is, especially when everyone around you is trying to get you to eat badly, and a big part of our social culture is eating out. It is a reminder that a strong mindset and a support system make all the difference in someone’s success. The same goes for affiliate marketing. We can continue to work the 9 to 5, feel exhausted, tired, and want a better life, yet do nothing to make the change. Human psychology is fascinating.

  2. I have 100% been in a funk. I’ve just not felt ‘me’ at all. It’s been hard this week but hopefully will get back to fighting spirit soon. Considering you’ve had a hard week, you’ve achieved so much. You are an inspiration to me and I love following your journey. Your skills tech are incredible and you always come across so happy and positive. Your patients are lucky to have you.

    1. Sarah, after reading this, it reminds me of a sign I saw the other day, and it is so true: “There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.” Doing my best to find that gratitude in life, otherwise it can be really hard. Being in a funk happens, I have found that movement helps a lot, when I get frustrated, overwhelmed, or just being in that funk, I pust on some music and dance around. Music and movement help me shake that funk off! I hope you get out of your funk and start seeing how amazing you are and how far you have come! You are making moves towards your dream life, and that should be celebrated!

  3. Hi Alison,
    I am so impressed with everything you are doing, and everything you have accomplished this week already! I don’t know how you do it!! Congratulations on getting it all completed. 👏 I’m glad you stuck with it and got through the challenges you were having. You will love the affiliate system! I’m still learning a lot in it, but it can do so many things that it’s great to use. Keep up the excellent work! You are an inspiration. Thank you…
    Meredith Moore recently posted…A Positive Week of Reflection and Growth / Amongst Some ChallengesMy Profile

  4. congrats on the wins, and for not letting the “issues” steal your focus. It can be difficult keeping all this stuff organized and going in the right direction. My win was even though I didn’t do it when I planned, I finished my blog post for the week. And I got a couple YouTube videos made (even though they weren’t for affiliate marketing).
    Nathan recently posted…Artists and Craftspeople should be Affiliate MarketersMy Profile

    1. YAYYYYY!!! I am so happy that you finished your blog post for the week, Nathan. That is truly something to celebrate, AND you got a couple of YouTube videos done that is awesome!!! Life throws us a lot of curve balls and time is limited, so I truly say kudos to you for getting your goals accomplished it is no easy task!!

  5. Wow, Alison, you are really doing well despite the issues you are having. You get a lot done in such a short amount of time. It’s empowering to realize that I could be doing more for my business. I don’t have any excuses for why things are not done, in my opinion. I need to get to hustling here. Thank you for such a great post and for sharing your struggles. I can see that mindset is really helping you to seek out the positives instead of the negatives. Keep up the excellent work. You are doing fantastic…

  6. Alison,
    You certainly have had a busy week but sounds like you were able to celebrate some wins also. I’m sure that was quite the task moving everything out of Clickfunnels into Affiliate System. I am looking forward to watching your video about that.

    1. Sherri, I will be posting it on next week’s blog; I am almost done editing it. And it is still technically in progress as I have one last hurdle to overcome. But I will keep you posted, and next Saturday, I will share the video of the process!

  7. Wow, wow, wow! Even though you’ve had quite a rollercoaster week, filled with challenges and victories, you were able to adapt and stay positive. Awesome!

    Starting a new job, and juggling personal commitments sounds almost impossible for me but you were able to adjust your goals to fit your new schedule was key.

    I love that you are finding that balance between pushing yourself and taking care of your well-being.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…On Reflection: Hope MattersMy Profile

    1. It has been an adjustment; I have been taking time management to the next level, lol. Making sure to go food shopping on Sundays, do my meal prep for the week, and get in a walk each day, on top of my new schedule and my business goals! There are 24 hours in a day trying to allocate them and stick to my schedule, and schedule a little fun time as well ;). I am so lucky to have a really strong support system and an amazing boyfriend who cooks for me and helps me around the house doing what he can to free up my time to work on my business!

  8. Alison,

    I can relate to those kinds of weeks! You don’t know which way is up and which way is down. You just keep pushing through the noise and are running on pure adrenalin. The hope is when you come out the other side you can look back and see that you got something accomplished.

    I have found that when this does happen, it’s most beneficial to step back take a deep breath and reevaluate then move forward. Then focus on what was accomplished and not what wasn’t.

    I know if was a trying week but accomplish a lot despite all the struggles.
    You got this!!

    1. Great advice, CJ. Reflection is key, and taking a step back to really understand my limits and adjustments will help me keep moving forward and prevent burnout!!

  9. Alison, sounds like you’ve had quite a busy week! It’s cool to see how you’re dealing with all the ups and downs. Starting a new job while keeping up with personal stuff isn’t easy, but the way you’re handling it shows how strong and flexible you are. Great to hear about your progress with Affiliate Systems, even though you ran into some technical issues. Celebrating the wins, no matter how small, is super important, especially when things don’t go as planned. Your positive attitude and determination to keep moving forward are really impressive. In fact you are an inspiration to me. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Leadership and Coaching part 1 – That Zoom call with Alex Jefferys………….My Profile

    1. YES!!! Celebrating all the wins along the way really helps, and I’ve also learned sometimes you gotta let go of what is out of your control. Traffic, no internet on the plane, all things I cannot control and eat’s into my “work” time. Being able to shift and be flexible, being okay with not getting everything done, figuring out other times to work on it, it’s life! Mindset is everything, and I am learning so much on this affiliate marketing journey!!!!

  10. You had quite the jam-packed week! But it does seem like you had some great accomplishments occur! I can appreciate that you’re taking the time to celebrate your wins! That’s so very important, and so often overlooked. Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. Hi, Alison!
    It is good that you are celebrating your wins! You have so many of them!
    I know your expectations are very high, and you don’t always do everything you want to get done, but you are doing so much. It is good you are celebrating your accomplishments.

    I hope you’re enjoying your new job. It must change your view of life, working in a dialysis center. I take claims calls for a life insurance company. Always hearing about people passing and hearing from grieving people is challenging. I can’t get away from the reality of death. I’ve tried to focus on life as it’s a gift, and we must enjoy it while we can. But, it’s very challenging. I hope you’re able to find joy in your job. People are surprisingly resilient, as you say.
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…How to Use Fluent ReaderMy Profile

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