Mastering 2024: A Mindset Shift for Your Best Year Yet, Navigating Email Changes, and Unlocking Success with Expert Help

Welcome to 2024!!!

I hope you are excited and in the right head space to have the best year you have ever had!

Here at Internet Profits Accelerator, we had a two-week holiday from learning the new system, so I was beyond ready to resume classes yesterday. 

It made my day when Dean got on our Zoom call yesterday and gave a really great inspirational speech, but also brought up a big point, that we are our greatest threat to our success, and the reality is we will not overcome that self-sabotage alone. 

He emphasized the importance of leveraging the community and expert coaches around us for help and support.

Dean encouraged us to make a commitment to ourselves, saying, “I am going to make the most progress I have ever made in my business, I am going to reach my goals, because no matter what it takes, I will do it.” 

Frame of mind is super important, and having a support system is crucial for success. 

Dean really wants to help us get there, and I so appreciate the candid talk, because it is really up to us to be the “captain of our ships” and ask questions to learn, grow, and get unstuck. 

Dean also urged us to take some time to reflect on our goals for the year and why they are important to us. He encouraged us to sit quietly and visualize ourselves achieving these goals, making a promise to never give up no matter what challenges come our way. 

As we embark on this journey towards our goals, we will undoubtedly face both good days and challenges. But no matter what obstacles we encounter, they pale in comparison to the outcomes we want to achieve.

So, let’s approach this year with excitement and determination, knowing that we are unstoppable.

Your Turn, time to write it in the comments:

I am excited beyond words for the new year!

There is nothing that can stop me from reaching my goals. 

I am committed to working outside my comfort zone and will not let any challenge or obstacle get in my way.

It is not if we will succeed in 2024, but WE WILL SUCCEED!!!! 

Let’s do this!!!

But before I bid you farewell, I have some mind-blowing news to share. Now, brace yourself for some shocking updates.

Dean was telling a story today. He was coming into the office, ready to start the New Year off on the right foot, planning the year ahead, when he got a message: his emails had been temporarily disabled, and he went from happy-go-lucky planning mission to rescue mission in a snap. 

And that’s affiliate marketing for you

I also received a similar email,  to the one he received:


Both Gmail and Yahoo have introduced new requirements for bulk senders (those sending over 5,000 emails per day), which will require the use of:

  • A custom domain
  • Email authentication with SPF, DKIM, or DMARC
  • One-click unsubscribe option
  • Maintaining spam complaints below 0.3%

Thankfully, today’s class was all about setting up our custom email domain to abide by these new rules and setting up the DMARC, DKIM, and SPF. It was really easy to set all of this up in the Affiliate System platform, it took less than 12 min, and this time, I didn’t run into any issues, not one; well, that’s a lie; my monitor broke, but I decided to use my bf computer so I could play the video on one computer and do the step by step on the other!

Pro tips I learned today about this new rule and how it changes the game:

Maintaining spam compliance below 0.3% means we have to change the way we are currently doing email marketing. Instead of sending emails to our customers with offers, we really need to focus on the relationship, even more so than before. 

The goal is to create super fans so that our email is like a fan follow-up, instead of traditional email; people who receive our emails should know who we are and hopefully be excited to receive them and open them! Dean recommended the emails be more like: give>give>give>ask>give>give>give>ask. But this is just the tip of the Iceberg, we will delve into email marketing more deeply in the next week’s lesson. 

With these new rules, it means we have some new do’s and dont’s:


  1. Maintain a low spam count
  2. Maintain a low bound rate
  3. Use a custom domain to send emails from
  4. Authenticate  your domain with DMARC and DKIM 


  1. Important unengaged list in the new Affiliate System platform
  2. Send mass emails with your new sending domain
  3. Drive solo ad traffic to opt into your Affiliate Systems platform
  4. Keep emailing people who are not engaging ( 90 days)
  5. Ignore replies from subscribers  <—— super important to respond and check your emails***

I know this is scary, but a change in strategy is needed sometimes, and I am less scared since I have Dean and the team, holding my hand step by step as I learn the skills needed to go from rookie to riches, and I will be sharing it all to you as a learn it!

Now, I want to remind you again, if you haven’t done it already, to write in the comments:

I am excited beyond words for the new year!

There is nothing that can stop me from reaching my goals! 

I am committed to working outside my comfort zone and will not let any challenge or obstacle get in my way!

It is not if we will succeed in 2024, but WE WILL SUCCEED!!!! 

Let’s do this!!!

Alison Blaire 




15 Responses

  1. Alison, your post is absolutely invigorating!

    The like the emphasis on leveraging community and expert coaches to overcome self-sabotage, I am definitely my own worst enemy .

    The part about email marketing changes and maintaining a strong relationship with the audience instead of just sending offers was eye-opening.

    Your practical tips and the shift to a more give-and-take approach in emails are game-changers.

    Let’s rock 2024 together!

    1. Yes! Tony Let’s rock 2024 together, let’s not self-sabotoge and rely on each other and the community for support and forge ahead to success!!!!!

  2. Alison,

    Having a proper mindset is definitely important. They say 99.99% is all mindset. Where the remaining .01% is the mechanics of a business. Often we go out of the way to get healthy, take care of home, finances, relationships and other things and total neglect the mind. I heard some thing the other day that changed how I perceived the mind. It was that the mind is the only thing we truly have control over.

    If it’s the only thing we control over why do most people spend so little time training it to help us reach our goals? Just a thought to ponder.

    I am glad you have been able to put yourself in a good head space and reframe how you looked at your business. Keep training your mind and your business will follow.


  3. Your enthusiasm is inspiring. Wish you lots of success in 2024.

    Thanks for sharing about the new requirement. I have stopped using solo ad many years ago. I’m just curious what will happen to the solo ads industry once the new rule is in place.

  4. Hi Alison,

    It’s so awesome you’re so excited, it clearly shows in your post! I love the way you laid out all the information and details about the changes regarding email marketing. You were able to defuse tension about it being hard but mentioned how easy it was for you! I’ll be making those changes tomorrow so good to know it wasn’t difficult. Look forward to 2024 and your next posts!

  5. -I am excited beyond words for the new year!
    -There is nothing that can stop me from reaching my goals!
    -I am committed to working outside my comfort zone and will not let any challenge or obstacle get in my way!
    Hi Alison, very informative and engaging post. Email marketing is changing and we need to adapt to these changes. I sincerely think that those changes you mentioned are for the best. Marketers who have at heart the best interests of their audience are the ones that will master the industry. Let’s keep on track.

  6. You are right about the mindset, Alison.
    One of my property mentors was always saying, that a mindset without a skillset will leave you upset. You have them both. Thank you for a clear explanation about email marketing changes.
    I feel lucky. As I am a beginner on this journey, I don’t have anything that I need to unlearn, as I will start everything according to new guidelines.
    And I am surrounded by many supportive people like yourself so doing this is a pleasure.
    All the best in 2024!

    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for commenting! It is so true, when you are new you have that “beginner’s advantage,” no bad habits to unlearn just limitless possibilities! Look forward to 2024, and our success, as we go from rookie to riches!

  7. Alison, very informative and inspirational. You have a great attitude towards this and it’s infectious. I look forward to seeing your success soon. Thanks, Atif

  8. These are fantastic ideas and great teachings. Finding a course like you found is key and I hope all that read your blog consider your approach and reach out to you for advice. Thanks for sharing your journey and thoughts on how you will achieve your goals. I hope to learn from you and your progress. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Ernie, I am glad you found some value in it! I will be sure to continue to share, every step of the way, so you can come along this journey with me!

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