Mastering Essential Skills: Conquering Challenges and Staying Committed!

Happy Saturday, and May the 4th be with you!


It’s that Star Wars holiday again, haha. Yoda’s wise words resonate with my affiliate marketing journey because it is all about consistency. You have to take one small step forward each day, and you have to do it, not try to do it. 


But as always, there is a caveat: you can’t put your health or mindset in jeopardy. You have to take breaks when needed, and I didn’t. I overwhelmed myself this week training at the new job doing 10-hour days, but determined to take big steps to put all the finishing touches on the funnels I transferred over from ClickFunnels and update my books. 


I will admit that in the past few weeks, I was slapped in the face with obstacle after obstacle. But I will also admit if my mindset was in a better state, it wouldn’t have been such a blow. 


It started with my new job asking me to work last Friday half a day before my flight and asking me not to take PTO as there was an important meeting. This caused me so much stress because, of course, I had to say yes,  and I wanted to go, but I felt anxious about leaving early, and I had so much work to do before the trip ( I went to New Orleans Jazz Fest), so I told myself you’ll do it on the plane.

But there was no internet on the plane in either direction – technical difficulties.

I had a great time during the trip, and I managed to work on my lead magnet and submitted it to Sophie for review! 


We came home Tuesday night, woke up Wednesday at 4:30 am for Dean’s live class, and went to work, only to find that, yet again, the car had been broken into. Oh, San Francisco, I love you, but this shit is getting old.

At 7 pm that evening, I had my Zoom call with the domain/email specialist from Affiliate Systems. I explained to the gentlemen what had been going on….he was able to help me get the last domain up and running!!!

However, he was unable to fix the “from email” issue. He said he would assign the ticket to himself, so hopefully, I’ll be up and running in no time!

But Instead of being positive, I have to admit,  I totally cried.

The past few weeks, my mindset has been shit; excuse the language, but I have been exhausted trying to keep up with the new job, the early morning classes, and the long commute. And I felt extra sensitive and despair from this realization that my funnels where not working correctly and they were active, so I updated the books with QR codes that link to google.doc files so they work, put a bandaid on it and called in a night. 


I mean, I put a lot of work and time into this transfer. Instead of looking at it from a perspective of gratitude, being grateful for the time I got to practice the skill sets that I need and am trying to learn and develop, my mindset went straight to doom and gloom.


I should have celebrated the fact that I….

  • Transferred my domains from ClickFunnels to DNSimple
  • Updated the DNS records 
  • Copied over all the funnels from ClickFunnels into Affiliate Syems  
  • Built the pop-up opt-in forms and incorporated them into the funnels
  • Updated all the links in the emails and funnels transferred over so that they would work 
  • Created and assigned subdomains to each funnel
  • Cut and pasted all the emails from ClickFunnels into Affiliate Systems and created a series of automated email sequences
  • Set up “From emails” for each funnel by creating more subdomains


I did a lot, learned a lot about the system, and feel comfortable creating funnels and email sequences!

I also did a lot of self-reflection this week, and I noticed that I was moving too fast. I should have moved one domain over, set it up, tested it, and made sure it worked before I batch-updated everything. I am all about the fastest, most efficient way, but this is not the best way to learn and test things. I am moving too fast, not taking my time to learn and master one thing before moving on to the next.

Time for a mindset shift!


If you want to watch the  latest video showcasing the steps I took this week to put the finishing touches on the funnels I transferred over then click here. You can check out all the steps I have taken over the past weeks as I have been documenting my journey on my YouTube channel.


Your journey as an affiliate marketer is filled with challenges and setbacks, but your determination and willingness to adapt and a good support system will get you through it!


You got this! No matter how many times I need to start over, change strategies, I will learn these 4 skills along the way and utilize them to help as many people as I can to be successful and create their dream lives!


Let’s ride from rookie to riches together.


To Our Success,

Alison Blaire





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  1. I love the Yoda quote. I use it often. I am so sorry for your tough week. But I am glad you have support. It is so distressing when things do not work out as hoped or planned. Even, when at times, when we are promised one thing only to find out that one thing is not deliverable. Uggghhhh! Starting over is still moving forward. It is easy for people to say “stay positive” when most people do not know how hard things really are. But I have found it is harder to stay in the negative dumps of a misguided mindset. Getting to know you through your blogs, participation in groups and watching your videos, I am confident you will overcome difficult times and situations. You have a cheerleader here. I look forward to hearing about your great weeks coming.
    Ernie recently posted…Pause and PowerMy Profile

  2. Your recent frustrations are great stepping stones to technological advancement and innovation! I stand in awe at your expertise with Canva and your videos are outstanding!! I know have said this before. And I’m sure I’ll say it again! You are also the model of perseverance. That in particular is the recipe for success!
    Kate Loving Shenk recently posted…Let’s Revive The Grey Panther MovementMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Kate, for your kind words. Frustrations are part of the journey, and stepping stones as these technical difficulties and figuring out how to get unstuck is a great learning experience. And a reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, reflect, and come up with the next steps forward. And as Dean says ask for help when needed!

  3. Allison, I’m so sorry to hear about your car being broken into. It sounds like you’ve had a really tough week, and I can relate – my car was stolen back in April 2019, and it still hurts. Despite the setbacks, you’re doing great, and everything will sort itself out. Remember, even in the face of challenges, you’re making progress, and I admire your resilience. Keep pushing forward, and things will get better. May the Force be with you, and happy Star Wars holiday! Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Leadership and Coaching part 2 – That Zoom call with Alex Jefferys………….My Profile

    1. Stolen 😱, that is a story I have to hear!!!! We all have bad days and moments, but like you said keep pushing forward! This is definitely where mindset comes into play.

  4. Yes! May the Fourth be with you! I certainly do not condone a constant face slapping – but I hear ya and I’ve had my fair share – as you may have noticed my absence from these blog-hopping sessions of late.

    The breaking in to cars is not in the realm of my San Francisco experiences – thankfully – sorry to hear.

    Looking at your list of accomplishments – I must say I would be exhausted. I’m glad you are moving forward despite email setbacks – and you got your head back in the game. You said it – you WILL get through it!
    Robert Klein recently posted…Con EdMy Profile

  5. Robert, I hope everything is okay in your world. If you need an ear, or some motivation or accountability, or if I can help in any way please let me know. Here to help you along this affiliate marketing journey, we are all in this together!

  6. Hi Alison,
    You should be very proud of what you have achieved and the hard work you have put into transferring everything to the Affiliate System.
    I am glad you at least enjoyed the music festival in New Orleans.
    Sorry to see the damage done to your car, but it could have been worse like thankfully your computer wasn’t in the car at the time and you still can drive it
    Today I purchased the Canva Wizard program which is an independent training platform devised by a long term user of Canva. It is a video based training platform that has helped beginners understand how to create things quicker and has helped other Canva users find out things they didn’t know about previously. I was wondering if you had seen the adds on Facebook about it?
    I hope you will be happy in your new job until the day comes when you can kiss it goodbye!

  7. Hi, Alison!
    I agree with you! You are doing too much too fast. Not to be harsh, but to be supportive. You need a hug, my friend! And don’t forget to sleep! This is so important for your health and mindset. Give yourself the time to grow.

    Think of plants. It takes time for a flower to grow and bloom, but that doesn’t make its growth any less certain. Sometimes, I really wonder about my roses. Some buds open so quickly, while others seem to take so long. But in the end, the ones that take a while are just as beautiful and big as the quicker ones.

    That said, I am excited about all your progress! Wow, you get so much done each week, not only in your business but also in your day job and having fun.
    Though you’ve had a rough week, I can tell you must usually have a pretty joyful mindset to get all that done.
    Cheers to you! And I hope this week is a bit easier.
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…Get Confidence From Your Past – Not Your FutureMy Profile

  8. Hi Alison. What an incredibly stressful and emotional week. The good thing is that despite hurdle after hurdle, you kept going. Yes, we all have bad days and weeks. It’s how we deal with them that matters. You didn’t give up and kept going and learned a valuable lesson in the process – doing too much creates unnecessary self-induced stress. It seems like you accomplished so much even though it may not seem like it. You’re an inspiration and the tears were just a much needed emotional release. We can’t keep that tension and stress bottled up for too long. Taking care of yourself is key. Keep moving forward. You’re amazing!

  9. Hi Alison,
    I’m so sorry you are having all these challenges still with your platforms, and that’s awful what happened to your car… I have to say though that you are doing amazing with everything that you have accomplished with the switch, and working a new job all at the same time. It will all come together in time. Like you said, look at all the things you did accomplish, and the rest will come. Hang in there. Sometimes it good to get a good cry out. 😊 Thanks!
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Building Trust and Interest: The Power of Free & Valuable Content in Email MarketingMy Profile

  10. One thing we learn from Star Wars, Yoda (and the hero’s journey), is that heroes need mentors. There are all kinds of challenges we will face, but that good support system will get us through as long as we keep showing up.

    Side note – I was with my family on a trip to San Francisco Dec ’22 and left my wallet in the middle console – I was very happy I didn’t get my car broken into.

  11. Alison, I love all of your blog posts, but this one in particular is quite special. Honestly… it was quite spectacular. It was heart-felt and real…and you showed that this affiliate marketing shit really is… well… shit sometimes. This is REAL and I appreciated you showing this side, and showing that life just piles up on you sometimes. You’re only human… and you certainly have had some major trials here lately (seemingly like it’s all happening at once at that!) BUT! Your perseverance is going to pay off and you’re going to conquer all that you need to get to where you want to go. I have zero doubt about that, and about you. Thank you for sharing the REAL part of what’s going on…. but more importantly, showing how you’re going to get through it.

  12. I’m so sorry to hear about your week. I bet seeing your car in that state before work wasn’t easy. That’s a lot to deal with in one week but look- you’re still standing. You’ve shown resilience this week and you should be incredibly proud of yourself.
    You are right. You’ve achieved so much too. You can only learn from experiences. What’s you’ve achieved this week has made your more experienced and will be able to help and guide others with the same problem in the future. It’s hard to see it as a positive when it’s still very raw but one day you’ll be glad you faced these challenges xx

  13. Hi Alison,

    I think your health mindset is correct, take breaks when needed,  ‘You can’t put your health or mindset in jeopardy’.

    Goodness!! Sorry to hear about your car window. That isn’t easy to deal with.

    Crying is good, Part of the healing process.

    Yes, celebrating the wins, gives you a chance to breathe.

    Not sure I understand the problem with transferring to AS since you were able to assign subdomains to each funnel.
    Something about the from email?

    You’re going to get through this!!

    You’ve analyzed the situation, and you’re going to adjust / adapt what you’ve learned.
    All the while you’re learning how awesomely resilient you are.

    I believe you. You got this.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Life by Design Budget ExperienceMy Profile

  14. Hi Alison,
    I feel for you in all the troubles and tribulations you have been going through recently. Please do take care and just take your time with the business. There’s no rush, as long as you do something it doesn’t matter if its just a small thing. I keep comparing myself to the progress of others and then pull myself up realising that we’re not in a race with anyone else. You have achieved and are achieving heaps and should be proud of yourself.
    Having your car broken into must have been dreadful. I hope nothing was stolen and your insurance covers any loss or damage.
    You are getting through this and we have your back.

  15. Hi Alison,
    Hope the week is going better for you. As you mentioned, sometimes, you just have to stop and smell the roses!
    I loved the quote I believe Sophie or Dean said that it’s better to go at your own pace – whatever that may be – than not moving at all.
    We are all getting better at this Affiliate Marketing thingy and we sometimes need to stop and pat ourselves on the back for the things we’ve accomplished: do that; you deserve it!
    All the best!

  16. Hi Alison, undoubtedly your are doing a very good job and you will be paid for it. I know what it is to have a full time day job together with your business to run on the side. We often want to take over the time that we lose on our business during the day, and as result, we tend to do too much things simultaneously, we lose focus, and we become overwhelmed. We have to plan one thing at a time within the time remaining otherwise chances are that progress will not be seen. Progress is seen step when we make a step forward. I had a teacher at university who once said that if we are in a hurry, we have to slow down.
    Keep going and go grab that success. You deserve it.

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