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Happy Saturday!

Another week flies by….

I am so sad I missed class on Wednesday. I sacrificed it for sleep, but I am so mad at myself because Dean did a live review of whatever any attendee wanted him to review. From blogs to social media feeds, you could ask him to review it, and he gave his honest feedback.

Even though I missed the 4:30 am live class, watching the replay, I learned a lot from the feedback the Dean gave to the other students. And naturally, I wanted to share with you the lessons learned this week…

But first, a little recap. 

If you have been following along, you know that Dean has been teaching us that in order to have a successful affiliate marketing business, you need to focus on 4 core areas:

  1. Traffic 
  2. Capture
  3. Follow-up
  4. Making Offers / Sales System

If you want to watch a video of Dean diving into these four areas, click here!

As a pro member, Dean also reviewed my stats. He told me that based on my numbers, it was important to utilize the daily ask-me-anything calls more and do a deep dive into my blog, social media, and YouTube. Although these methods are organic traffic methods and are slow, they are not progressing at the rate of other students in my class, so I might be doing something wrong.

I can think of a few things that might need improvement: 

  1. I am not utilizing hooks at the beginning of my social media videos. 
  2. I haven’t been consistent with my YouTube videos. I was posting weekly but missed a few weeks when I started the new job.
  3. I am sending emails but not really sending too many affiliate links or offers. I was focused more on providing value and building the relationship but missing a big component.

Dean also advised me to focus on my Facebook Lead Ads and Sophie’s training right now and to make that a priority. So that is what I am doing.

So, for now, I will focus on my Facebook Lead Ads and my follow-up. 

If you missed my video, click here. In this video, I show you how I set up my Facebook Lead Ad and connected it to my email sequence in Affiliate System!

Back to the lessons I have learned this week…

When you think about creating content, whether it’s emails, Facebook Lead Ads, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc., you need to keep in mind one really big thing…people have limited time.

I am sure you can relate to this: most days, something gets sacrificed, going to the gym or having dinner with friends, watching a movie, or getting that blog post written…everything in life is a tradeoff. When you work a full-time job, you are there for at least 8 hours, and maybe you have a commute. Eating breakfast, getting dressed, and preparing your lunch all take time, and if you have kids or take care of a family member, your free time diminishes even more.

So when you think about creating content you really need to keep this in mind. How do I show people in the first few seconds why this thing is worthwhile?

You have to quickly convey value and let your target avatar (customer) know what is in it for them.

The other really important takeaway I want to share is 

Through quantity, we create quality. The more videos we crate, the more blog posts we publish, and the more emails we write, our skills improve. Through practice and looking at the data (open rates, click-through rates, etc), we will start to understand what resonates with our audience, and our skills in copywriting and creating content will improve. By practicing these skills, you develop your ability to deliver a message. 

Lastly, I will leave you with one more piece of advice Dean shared. When creating your blog and sharing you journey don’t get too technical. Share your story, and your journey, you are the unique piece of the puzzle. Everyone on this journey will go through different ups and downs. Face similar obstacles but handle them differently. Dean recommended when creating a blog post share the achievements made, challenges faced, and lessons learned but most importantly be you and share your authentic journey.

So I will leave you with that, and wish you a fantastic weekend. Sorry for the short post but I am working 6 days this week, I actually had to work today 4am star time and the week ahead is going to be a busy one as I am going away on a work retreat. 3 full days Wednesday -Friday in a cabin with my new peers. Yup my boss and 13 other people getting to bond and know each other.

Pretty cool, I have to admit, and I am really excited to be a part of this team. I am really enjoying the operational and clinical aspects of this job and look forward to the road ahead.

I have no idea how I will get to work on my business, but I am sure I will figure it out. Might need to pretend I am taking a shower, sit on the floor, and write my blog for next week or wake up at 5 am when everyone is sleeping to keep you updated on my social media!

Have you ever had to be incognito at your 9 to 5 while you work on your affiliate business?  

Next week when I return from the retreat I will utilize the daily calls more and do a deep dive with some help to get actionable steps to take to improve my ROI on my organic traffic methods.

Next week, I will share my Facebook Lead Ads data with you. I want to go through the data and break it down, show you the ad I ran how it is generating leads, and the open rates and engagement rates of the emails!

Monday is week 6 of the Facebook Lead Ads with Sophie. I will be up at 5 am and if you have subscribed to my newsletter I will send out an email shortly after to fil you in on lessons learned and any homework for the week so you can join along on the journey to creating a Facebook lead Ad!

Subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

Let’s ride from rookie to riches together! 

Until next week,

Alison Blaire 



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  1. Alison, It sounds like you had a busy week! Missing Dean’s live review session must have been frustrating, but it’s great that you caught the replay and learned from others’ feedback. Your focus on improving your affiliate marketing strategies, especially with Facebook Lead Ads, shows dedication. It’s true that time is limited, and your insights on quickly conveying value in content creation are spot on. Remembering to share your authentic journey, as Dean advised, is key to connecting with your audience. Best of luck with your work retreat and balancing your business endeavors. Looking forward to hearing about your Facebook Lead Ads data next week! I am working on mine as we speak!, Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Programs – Life is like a box of chocolates….Part 1My Profile

  2. The retreat sounds wonderful. Perhaps you will recruit a few of your colleagues into your sphere of influence! Thanks for continuing to share your journey! It is helpful beyond what you’ll ever know.

  3. Alison, as always, I look forward to your posts. I think we can all relate to being busy with life and it getting in the way of working on our business sometimes. This week was truly that for me as I suffered storm damage Sunday and was without power for 2 days and no internet all week. I spent most of my time cleaning up the mess and was not online, except for my iPhone, let alone worked on my business. I am so far behind in the BA course, it’s amazing, but I get inspiration from your posts as to what I can look forward to. Now to get caught up on training this week. Thank you for the insight and tips. You rock, as always!

  4. Hi Alison,

    Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences from Dean’s class. Your dedication is truly inspiring, especially balancing your new job and your affiliate marketing journey. The tips on creating content that respects the audience’s time and the emphasis on consistency really hit home. Looking forward to seeing your progress with Facebook Lead Ads and the deep dive into your organic traffic methods. Best of luck with your work retreat and keep up the great work!


  5. I like what you shared about Dean saying not to get too technical in the blog. When I started blogging, I was sharing more how to/tips kind of stuff, trying to give valuable content. And I think those posts are fine, and may give some good insight, but a lot of it is information a person could easily get elsewhere. As working at blogging I’m starting to talk more about my own experience. I’m sure there still would be a lot of people who don’t care, but at least it’s unique and is more likely to connect with others.

    And the content of other people I enjoy reading is their stories, their experiences, and their challenges. That’s what I like reading on your blog – keep up the good work.

  6. I’m so excited about hearing about your experiences with FB Lead Ads. Unfortunately, I missed out on Sophie’s training so anything you share is gold to me. Thank you so much.
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Short and SweetMy Profile

  7. Hi, Alison!
    Wow, you are busy! I am looking forward to hearing about your retreat next week. Enjoy!
    I enjoyed hearing about Dean’s advice. I’m intrigued by what he said about not getting too technical but sharing your personal experience. We all do the technical, but you and your experience are unique, so share that. I’m trying to wrap my mind around that. You do a great job of sharing your week with us. I’m enjoying hearing about your journey. It is inspiring to hear how you fit all your tasks into the day!

  8. I totally understand the frustration of missing such a valuable live class, I’m often in the same boat. I was gutted I missed it too. It’s great that you were able to catch the replay and still learn a lot from Dean’s feedback. Your self-awareness and ability to identify areas for improvement are commendable. Consistency is key, and it’s fantastic that you’re focusing on your Facebook Lead Ads and follow-up strategies. Sharing your authentic journey and personal experiences makes your blog so relatable. Best of luck with your busy week and the retreat – it sounds like an exciting opportunity to bond with your new team. Keep pushing forward, and I’m looking forward to your next update on the Facebook Lead Ads data.

  9. Alison, It’s awesome to see you balancing your new job and affiliate marketing business.
    And it is good to identify areas for improvement.

    1. We’ve been given some good hook ideas such as starting with a question, a surprising fact, or a bold statement to draw them in.
    2. Consistency with YouTube: Consistency is key, but it’s also okay to miss a week here and there, especially when adjusting to a new job. Others batch and produce content during less busy times, so videos are ready to go when things get hectic.
    3. Emails and Affiliate Links: I want to add links to a product or service that complement value. This way, it feels less like selling and more like a natural extension of content.

    Enjoy your work retreat! It sounds like a fantastic opportunity to bond with your new team. Balancing your job and business might be challenging, but with your determination, you’ll find ways to make it work.

    Looking forward to hearing about your Facebook Lead Ads data and continued progress. Keep pushing forward, and don’t forget to take moments to appreciate how far you’ve come.

  10. Hi Alison,
    Great information and kudos to you for balancing your new job and your business! It’s not easy but if you plan correctly, you’ll get there.
    I think I need to do the same thing as you: reach out more often to Dean and ask for help in regards to what I’m doing to bring my business forward.
    Definitely a lot of things to consider – thanks for making me think about it!
    All the best!

  11. Hi Alison,
    It sounds like you had quite a busy week. Even though you missed the live class, it’s great that you caught up on the replay and still learned a lot from Dean’s feedback to other students. His insights seem invaluable, especially regarding the areas of focus for your affiliate marketing business. Prioritizing tasks like Facebook Lead Ads and Sophie’s training sounds like a solid plan to drive progress.

    Sounds like your work retreat will be an exciting opportunity to bond with your new team! Finding those moments to work on your business amidst a busy schedule can be challenging, but your determination to make it happen is commendable.

    Thanks for your willingness to help, Alison! I already have it. I wanted to let you know that I visited your site and found your video really helpful. Thanks to your guidance, I was able to set up my Facebook Lead Ads. However, I’ve encountered some issues with my banner and the wording I used. Nonetheless, I appreciate your support and guidance throughout this process!

    Looking forward to hearing about your insights from the retreat and your progress with Facebook Lead Ads next week! Wishing you a fantastic time at the retreat and continued success on your journey. Keep pushing forward!
    Ezequiel Wells recently posted…Navigating Challenges and Celebrating Wins: My Weekly Business UpdateMy Profile

  12. Hi Alison – This was unbelievably helpful and beneficial! As I have sad before, you must be a Jedi when it comes to time management with all you have going on. Okay, I watched your video – AMAZING. I have a dual screen setup in my home office. I plan to put your video on one screen so that I can pause as needed and my Facebook lead ad setup on my other screen in an attempt to set up my lead ads as I follow your direction. I hope you know how beneficial this is going to be to me as well as others! Thank you so very much for doing this and willing to share your expertise to those of us that might need just a little extra help. You rock!

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