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Happy Saturday!

This week I spent all my available free time on my email sequence. I sent in my first 8 emails and then another 22 that I had crafted to Sophie and Glen for feedback. After their feedback I sat down and re-wrote almost all of the emails coming up with a 12 email welcome series, I sent that in for feedback, and now I have more homework to do…

Growing your email list is critical to really growing and scaling a business. Being able to email your list, offer them value, and build trust sets the stage for future offers that can earn you significant income.

I want to reiterate just why I am spending so much time and effort on these emails and building a list: 

Why Building an Email List is Crucial

You might think that customers will see your content, click on it, and make a purchase immediately. However, the reality is often more complicated. People need time to trust you and your recommendations. This is where building an email list comes in as an incredible opportunity.

An email list allows you to send regular offers and updates to your audience. They may not be ready to buy right now, but when they are, your emails will be there to remind them of the value you offer. This consistent communication ensures that when the timing is right for them, they have the opportunity to purchase through your links.

How to Get Started

  1. Set Up Your Platform: Choose a place to share your content, such as a blog, website, or social media channels. This will be the main spot where you tell people about products and services that can help them and earn you a commission.
  2. Collect Email Addresses: Make a special page where people can sign up by giving their email addresses. Offer them something valuable in return, like a free eBook or exclusive content. Capturing these email addresses is your way of building an email list.  
  3. Use an Email Tool: Get a tool that helps you collect and send emails automatically.. Connect this tool to the page where people sign up. People refer to these as autoresponders, they allow you to have people that op-in to your list to be sent automated sequences you set up or one-off emails (aka broadcast emails). 
  4. Stay in Touch and Engage Your List: Send regular updates, newsletters, and special offers to your email list. Share useful information and build trust with your readers.

Building an email list gives you the most potential to scale your business. It allows you to nurture relationships and stay top-of-mind with your audience. When they are ready to buy, your emails will be there to guide them to the right products.

On my YouTube channel, I demonstrate how to capture leads by setting up a simple opt-in funnel’s using both Click Funnels and Affiliate Systems and I show you how to link them to a follow-up email sequence. I  also walk you through how to come up with your very own lead magnet ( a gift to give people in exchange for their email addresses). Check out my YouTube Channel by clicking here!

If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to comment below. I’m here to help you succeed!

To Your Success,
Alison Blaire 



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  1. Alison, once again an informative post. I printed it out to help me in my business. I’m learning from you and appreciate you explaining things so well. you’re one of my mentors, even though you don’t know it (guess you do now). Now to work on my email list and YouTube channel. I will be following you there as well. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Wow, you’ve been busy! That 12-email welcome series sounds like a game-changer, and something that I’ve been struggling with so I really appreciate this post.
    Your point about nurturing trust with consistent communication really hit home. It’s so true that people need time to warm up before making a purchase. Your step-by-step guide on getting started is super helpful, especially for newbies.

    I’ll definitely check out your YouTube channel for more tips on setting up an opt-in funnel and creating lead magnets. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing your journey and insights with us. I feel very behind and I often save your posts to see what I should be doing next!

  3. Fantastic insights here on leveraging email marketing to scale a business!

    I appreciate the emphasis on consistent communication to build trust with customers.

    The advice on creating effective lead magnets and the integration of email tools are particularly helpful.

    I will be checking out the Youtube links!

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information, Alison!

  4. I admittedly am avoiding doing this. I’m a very very bad girlLOL However, i plan to get to it very soon!! Your tutorials are something i plan to study as i get going!! Thanks for your generosity in sharing your expertise!

  5. Hi Alison,

    Impressive progress on your email sequence this week! Your dedication to refining and personalizing each email shows your commitment to building meaningful connections with your audience. I admire how you’re sharing your expertise on YouTube too. It’s clear you’re not just growing your list but also helping others succeed in affiliate marketing. Keep up the great work!

    Meredith Moore recently posted… When to Get a Business License for Your Affiliate Marketing BusinessMy Profile

  6. Hi Alison sounds like you’ve been very busy! I am curious as to what steps you are using in so many emails throughout the introduction sequence. Is there a YouTube video you have made that sheads some light on this? Please let me know, I’d love to watch it. I will checkout your other YouTube videos as well.

  7. Alison that’s great that you were able to set up a sequence. It’s even better that you were able to put together a draft and have someone review it for you. A second set of eyes tends to be a good choice.

    1. I think a second set of eyes is always important. I find every time I don’t have someone look it over I later find mistakes. Feel so grateful to be able to submit work for review!

  8. Hi Alison,
    So much important info you were able to share in such a brief post…Awesome!
    You’ve been super busy with all those emails, I know the feeling, but they are important!
    I appreciate all the effort you make and share, it shows that it’s not easy push button in a proper affiliate marketing business. I’ve checked out some of your YouTube videos… Amazing 🙂
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…The Roller Coaster Continues 🤸My Profile

  9. Hi Alison – This is such a relevant post for me is I’ve just completed my first email sequence and sent to Facebook to generate my lead ad. I’m very excited. I have reviewed some of your videos in the past and have been very helpful and compliment what my mentor, Sophie, has advised. I love, love, love your 4-step process in getting started. I’ll now focus on follow up as hopefully people will request to be on my email list. Alison, as always, thank you for your practical advice and for your caring nature in trying to help those of us trying to make a go of this business. Have an excellent day!
    Ernie recently posted…That White Piece in the Sky…My Profile

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