Tessa Bailey

I’m not sure why this one hit me harder than the usual modern rom-com. Maybe it’s because Brendan is just such a good guy—loyal to a fault, unselfish, caring so much about other people and the town, having the confidence (but not arrogance) to go for it with Piper. And not just go for it, but recognize she could be it for him and he will show her how much he cares. I also love that Piper appears spoiled shallow on the surface (and definitely acts that way at the beginning when she moves from Beverly Hills to a Washington fishing village), but you start to see why—her insecurities, the way she’s always been treated by the people around her. And then the Piper underneath starts to show in the way she builds relationships in the town where she thought she’d never fit in. Brendan and Piper are two completely different people but they’re alike where it matters—loyalty, love, compassion, and family.


This girl. He’d be keeping her. There was no way around it.”