The Art of the Follow-Up

Happy Saturday,

I hope you had a fantastic week.

I will admit that I am exhausted. This week kicked my a**.

Monday started with Sophie’s first week, day 1 of her Facebook Lead Ads class at 5 am, followed by my first day at the new job, 830-530 Wednesday, I slept in and missed the Q&A and still need to watch the recording, but I made it to Thursday’s Certified Partner Virtual Event that started at 5 AM on Thursday!!!!!

I had to leave earlier and catch the last hour of recording because I had to work again from 830-530AM, but I did watch the recording on Friday!!!


Working a 40+ hour week, publishing my latest book, and trying to stay up with everything was not possible this week. 


It is important every day to get one thing done, this week, I have to celebrate getting to attend Sophie’s class and Thursday’s live evet because these are amazing opportunities not only to learn essential skills but to interact and build relationships with my peers. 


Exhaustion might have taken over this week, and I choose sleep over working on emails and lead magnets, but listening to your body, and knowing your limits, is important too. This is a journey, not a race it takes persistence and consistency. 

Thursday’s class was all about the follow-up! Glen, Dean and Sophie all shared their email journey, tips, and tricks! 


By design, this is the perfect timing. So far on Dean’s Proven Plan, we have….

  • Set up our blog (owned asset)
  • Selected a primary source of traffic
  • Send out weekly broadcast emails
  • Sending additional emails when you have something of value to share
  • Learned about Facebook Lead Ads’ potential to generate leads for ~5/day. 


The biggest takeaway for me this week is that the only way to be truly successful as an affiliate marketer is to have really good emails. The journey that you take your reader on is everything. 


Although people won’t open them all, or maybe even most of them, they keep seeing you, and one day they possibly buy something. That’s way being consistent with sending good emails is vital to success. 


This set of emails will take the person who stopped scrolling and clicked on my add for my lead magnet, on a journey, and I want to make that journey incredibly welcoming, and through it build know, like, and trust. 


So, my takeaway is that I need to be OBSESSED with practicing emails. 90% of sales come from your emails.

90% 😱


The more you practice the better you get at it. So that is my goal. And I feel very grateful because as part of Sophie’s class, I will get 1:1 time with her to go over my follow-up and have her hands-on help. 

You will need some things set up before you start sitting down to construct your emails – there are some prerequisites:

  1. A Domain – in the new world of email marketing, it is key to have a custom email. 
  2. Lead Magnet -You need something of value to offer to exchange for email addresses = Lead magnet.
  3. Opt-In Funnel: A way to capture email addresses – landing page, opt-in page/funnel, website…
  4. Sales System- Product, service, digital asset to give and sell to people, Offers to make. 


 If you have been following along with me on the ride from rookie to riches, then you have the first three things set up!


Let’s talk about the sales system. As an affiliate marketer, you will want to find products/services/digital assets that you used, loved, and solved your problems, and you want to share with others to solve their problems. These are your affiliate links. Whether you’re an affiliate for Addidas or ClickFunnels, you will have a variety of offers to give to your target market to help them through their journey. I am starting my journey affiliating for Dean, so not only is he teaching me the process of how to do it, but he provides me with a selection of lead magnets and a ton of offers that help people at different stages of their journey and have different price points depending on the level of service, from you watching and learning on your own to someone coaching you and holding your hand through it all. 


So, without further ado, let’s dive into what I learned so that if you follow along, you can start formulating your email sequence!!! 

Core Skill #3 The Follow-up


Your customer is getting on your email list for exchange of a lead magnet. 


So your very first email will simply be one that, thanks them for joining your list, gives them their free gift – lead magnet, tells them what to expect as far as frequency of emails they should expect to receive, you who you are, and how you can help, it’s the start of building trust and letting them get to know you. 


Then, you follow with a series of emails. Sophie referred to them as her “welcome sequence.”


In these emails, she focuses on introducing the topic of affiliate marketing and herself, and telling her audience the story of how she got started and how affiliate marketing has changed her life. 


Now, at this moment, I think to myself, although I have made a few sales, I am not about to tell people since I joined affiliate marketing. Now look at me I quit my 9 to 5, and I am traveling the world, bought my dream house and car, etc. 


I am still on the journey from rookie to riches. And that’s where Dean gave some great advice. 


Start becoming aware of the things happening in your day-to-day life. We often struggle when we sit down, trying to “create” something. Taking things that have already happened and sharing them, documenting rather than creating, is a great way to approach emails. With this mentality, you can get all the content you need for your emails just by being awake.0You don’t have to be the world’s best writer. You just have to \be you! If you are taking action daily in your business, it is easy to share what you did. When you attend live events, share…


Turn your mess-ups into emails: For example, I have to confess this last week, I committed to myself to do ABC, but instead, I did DEF. I am sharing this because I am going to share the lessons learned and mistakes I am making. Clearly, I am not perfect, but that’s part of the journey, how are things going for you? Click reply and let me know!


Then Sophie sends another set of emails In these she followers a similar pattern addressing the subscriber’s desirees, telling them a short story about how she has been abot to accomplish this desire and shares the solution this desire. She repeats this same thing many times in different ways. 


Both Dean and Sophie mentioned and this is critical is to never lie and say you are doing better than you are. I am incredibly doubtful that everyone online claiming to be making 10,000 a month is telling the truth. 


You shouldn’t fake it to you make it, you should share where you are at on this journey, you are taking action, and all you need to be is one step ahead to help someone else. 


After they go through the above 2 parts of the “welcome sequence” of emails, Sophie then has the automated sequence stop, and she continues to send broadcast emails 3- 5 times per week. 


Tell your story, nobody is you, nobody has done the exact same things, your emails will reflect your unique self, and sharing your experience, will resonate with your people, thus resulting in building a ist of superfans.


You might be thinking, what do I have to offer, but you have a ton. Just be you, my friend lauren shared an expecitional video on TikTok about gardening and had nothing to do with AS and got 1000s fo likes/views. Because she is just being herself. 

So now we get what a typical flow looks like, let’s break an email down into its parts: 


Email Subject Line 

Curiosity is a big driver in terms of getting someone to open your email. Human psychology is fascinating, and we can use human behaviors to help us get our emails opened! If you can make your email subject line’s spark curiosity they will get open – strange, odd, or intriguing. 




An email starts with a hook. Something that sparks curiosity that makes the reader want to read the email. Something like: “Have you ever experienced a day that felt like a carefully scripted movie plot? Prepare to be captivated as I unveil the extraordinary events that unfolded in my day.” 

Dean said you can also start with something he referred to as “Open Loops.” 


This is a tactic used sometimes to create intrigue and peak a reader’s curiosity. 


This is done by starting an email off by sharing something but then stopping before completely revealing it and mentioning you’ll come back to it.


Example: OMG, you won’t believe what I just saw coming out of the store. I have never seen anything like this, but I’ll get to that later


Body of the email (Story)


Another tactic you can use is to end your email on a cliffhanger. This is sometimes referred to as a soap opera sequence of emails.


You won’t use this in every email, but it can be a great tactic for building excitement. Like a soap opera or any Netflix series, it leaves each episode on an omg, what just happened? I need to know more, makes you want to know more, and intrigues your curiosity; this is a great way to get people to look for future emails. Usually, at the end of the email. Can use open loop and cliffhanger together. Cliff hanger could be a reminder of the loop opened.


Call to Action (CTA)


Every email doesn’t have to sell something but every email should have a call to action. One that is very simple and straight forward like check out my Youtube vide by clicking here! 




Oftentimes, people just scroll down to the bottom. PS can be an incredible tactical to leverage.


Lastly I’ll leave you with some best practices from Dean:


  1. Never buy email lists ever
  2. Only email people who have opted into your ist
  3. Email daily (or whatever frequency you decide to stick with it consistently)
  4. Always have their best interest at heart
  5. Perform regular list hygiene by removing people from your list who have never opened any of your emails in a defined period of  time.
  6. Repeat daily…


So I leave you with this, start writing your emails, practice, practice, practice. Respond to any emails you get back.Treat your customers like gold, nturure your list, send things often and of value. 


So that is my plan: to work on my email sequences!!!!!


I will keep you posted, and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here so you don’t miss a thing. 

Let’s ride from rookie to riches together.

To Our Success,

Alison Blaire



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  1. This is brilliant. So helpful and definitely worth a read. I did sympathise with your story at the beginning. My weeks are very similar apart from having to get up at 5.00am for live events. I’m normally mid working day or running to get my daughter from school. Different challenges but still exhausting.
    Please always take time to look back at what you e achieved, you have done so much.
    Most of all, sleep is vital. You literally need it to function, always prioritise sleep when needed. Without sleep, you won’t be at your optimum.
    Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Hi, Alison!
    Congratulations again on your day job! I hope you had a magnificent week!
    I agree with Sarah. Sleep is so important. Don’t neglect it, no matter how tempting it may be.
    I love how you said our emails need to be welcoming. I feel so like I’m imposing on my subscribers as I add to their mailboxes.
    Alison, your perspective on sending welcoming emails is spot on. It’s not about imposing on them but about sharing valuable content with them. When our emails are welcoming and enjoyable, they will eagerly anticipate them.
    Thanks for that perspective!
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…There’s No Post This Week – Sort OfMy Profile

  3. Alison, Wow, what a week you’ve had! It sounds like a whirlwind of learning and balancing everything life throws your way. Despite feeling exhausted, you’ve managed to tackle some incredible opportunities, like attending Sophie’s class and the live event. Your dedication to learning and growing is inspiring. It’s true that taking care of yourself and knowing your limits is crucial in this journey. I admire your commitment to honing your email skills and providing value to your audience. Congratulations on the new job, you will smash it I’m sure. Keep pushing forward, and I look forward to hearing about your progress! Thanks, Atif

  4. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to read this! In my affiliate marketing journey, there are surely parts that I have struggled with. Sometimes those struggles really “gets in your head.” One thing I thoroughly enjoy is the writing side of things, and writing emails. After reading this post, I have so much more confidence in my affiliate marketing journey! Of all the skills I would need for this job, I’m super grateful I enjoy that one as much as I do. It makes me feel a bit better about not being so well about my social media posting.

  5. Alison – You do so much in the time you are given. WOW! I have become a big fan of your blog and TikTok videos. They are so helpful and you are so upbeat and kind! You did a marvelous job summarizing the weeks training. I hope your new job gives you much fulfillment. Hey, what book are you publishing? I am curious. 🙂 I continue to wish you much success and I am so glad you are in this affiliate marketing space as I, and others, are learning from you! Have a great week!
    Ernie recently posted…I keep on TIKing…My Profile

  6. I tried FB lead ads in the past, they worked to get the leads, but I wasn’t really prepared for the follow-up. I’ll try them again someday, but I think I need a better lead magnet to get leads who really are interested in being on my mailing list, and I need a more thorough follow-up.

    Also, you published a book? Nice; what is you’re book?

  7. Nice write up from a very busy gal! I gotta go back and take notes.

    I had recently started putting a picture of moi at the bottom of my broadcast emails. And I get a lot of engagement clicks on anything I link from my mug.
    Robert Klein recently posted…New Meta SpaceMy Profile

  8. The notes you take from the classes are impeccable. I enjoy reading them as a way to review what was said at the
    class, which I appreciate. I’m not the best taker. I love the name of your blog, “ From Rookie To Riches. “ Great visualization!

  9. Alison,
    Thank you for the breakdown and tips regarding emails. I am going to start this week creating my emails and working on my email sequences. I feel this may take time for me and I am committed to practice, practice, practice.
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…New Line in the SandMy Profile

  10. Hi Alison,
    Welcome to the club of those working 40+ hrs and a minimum of time to get on their business. I’m like you with family time as well and I must say I can’t catch up everything. Just too much. Sometimes it’s frustrating like I miss the live event because it happened during my day job time. Nevertheless you succeeded in posting a very complete and informative post despite your lack of time and this is remarkable! Your info about email marketing is awesome. This post must be read twice!
    Martin Lefebvre recently posted…Improve Your Performance & Get A Step Ahead With Affiliate SystemMy Profile

  11. Hey Alison,

    I always enjoy your blog posts. I learned a lot from your take on the training and what you’ve learned. I haven’t listened to the recordings just yet, but I enjoy the pre-game knowledge, as it were. Email sequences scare me a bit. I am so critical of myself that I worry I might find the right words or clever tactics to make it successful. This is one part of this whole thing that I will need help with. But, with Dean’s help, I know I can learn by doing and get better. I need to start, however, to do that. There always seems to be insufficient time in the week to do everything, though. I have to get better at managing my time and seeing it all through. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your journey through all this and adding in all the little nuggets you provide here. For someone without any idea what affiliate marketing entails, your journey will inspire others to jump on board. Well Done!!!
    Vanessa Lea recently posted…How Will I Promote My BusinessMy Profile

  12. Hi Alison,
    I am so impressed how you are handling everything so well! I hope your first week at the new job went well. I have been having a problem myself juggling everything all at once. Things have been hectic lately in my life. You have inspired me to step it up a notch just from listening to your activities lately. Thank you!
    I also have been having an issue figuring out my email sequence. I appreciate the information you put in your post. It is very helpful, and I will have to come back to it to help me.
    Thank you again!
    Meredith Moore recently posted…From Frustration to Focus: Reclaiming Your Business MomentumMy Profile

  13. Alison!

    Your week sounds intense, but it’s great to hear about the opportunities you’ve tackled and embraced, like Sophie’s class and the virtual event. Prioritizing self-care is key during busy times like these.

    Your insights into email marketing is an eye opener. Crafting engaging emails that tell a story is crucial for success, and your commitment to practicing and refining your sequences is admirable.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and lessons learned this week. Your transparency and authenticity shine through. Keep up the fantastic work, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about your progress!

    I believer in you!

  14. Love your post. Such a professional looking site. I like how to break everything down and make it easy to understand in a logical sequence. I get inspiration from your post and you give me great ideas of how to improve mine. I’m often not sure what to post, but your post helped clarify what I need to do. Just be myself. Thank you for the motivation.

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