Traffic & Capture: A Week in Review on YouTube and TikTok

Hi, Happy Saturday!

This week, I managed to get a video banned on TikTok, and I was issued a warning.

Want to see the video that got banned on TikTok?



Navigating the murky waters of social media guidelines can feel like walking through a minefield. One wrong step, and boom – your account vanishes into thin air.

This week I was starkly reminded of the importance of playing by the rules, yet also of the power of resilience and continuous learning.

It’s scary when the rules are not clear, and your accounts can be shut off at any moment without warning.

In Wednesday’s class, we got a reminder of exactly what we should be doing. And I appreciate this because it lets me know if I am on track and helps to keep me focused.

Here is exactly what Dean said we should be working on:

As much as a part of me wants all the puzzle pieces right now, I know I am right where I am supposed to be.

So, learning and developing my skills is exactly what I have been doing all week.

I have been consistently posting on my blog/ owed asset (OA) every Saturday and participating in blog hopping.

In fact, this week and last, I did two bonus blog posts. These included tutorials on how to make videos!

Check them out if you missed them by clicking here for part 1 and here for part 2.

I have been consistently creating and publishing content on my primary platform, TikTok.

I have been researching a lot about TikTok, and although I am not convinced about the hashtag and keyword strategies for driving views, I am clear on one thing: creating good content is important. So, I will continue to look at the trends and learn all I can while creating and posting consistent, valuable content. 

This is a core component in itself, actually two core components  (1) Traffic and (2) Follow-up. Content creation helps us attract leads (generate traffic) and get people to notice us, and we can post content on our social media platform and then send an email to promote it to our email list!

Hence, I am learning and developing my content creation skills!

See, I was doing the homework without even knowing it, lol.

I have also been doing research on these platforms to understand them, and how to utilize them to best reach my target audience.

From what I have been reading, TikTok and YouTube have a lot of similarities in their algorithms.


  1. Video-First Platforms: Both TikTok and YouTube prioritize video content, offering a dynamic way for creators to engage with their audience. This video-centric approach helps in delivering engaging content that can go viral.
  2. Algorithm-Driven Discovery: Both platforms use sophisticated algorithms to recommend content to users. These algorithms take into account user interactions, video performance, and content relevance to personalize the viewing experience.
  3. Reward for Consistency: Consistent posting on both TikTok and YouTube is rewarded by the platforms’ algorithms. Regular uploads increase the chances of your content being discovered and can lead to higher engagement rates.


  1. Content-Length: TikTok is known for its short-form content, typically ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, making it ideal for quick, engaging clips. However, there is now a 10 min feature. YouTube, on the other hand, supports a wide range of video lengths, from short clips to long-form content, allowing for more in-depth storytelling and exploration of topics.
  2. User Demographics: TikTok tends to have a younger user base, with a significant portion of its audience in the Gen Z and Millennial demographics. YouTube has a broader demographic reach, appealing to users of all ages with its diverse content offerings.
  3. Monetization Options: YouTube offers various monetization options for creators, including ad revenue, channel memberships, and Super Chat. TikTok has been expanding its monetization features with the TikTok Creator Fund and brand partnerships, but YouTube still leads in terms of providing creators with income opportunities.
  4. Content Discovery: While both platforms use algorithms for content discovery, TikTok’s “For You Page” (FYP) is highly effective at surfacing new content to users, often leading to rapid virality. YouTube relies more on search and subscriptions, in addition to its recommendation algorithm, for content discovery.
  5. Live Streaming: Both platforms offer live streaming, but YouTube Live is more developed, supporting a wider range of features like Super Chat and longer streaming durations. TikTok Live is gaining popularity, especially among younger audiences, for its interactive and spontaneous nature.

With TikTok’s fate in the balance lol, I am not worrying. I am just continuing to learn about how to create content and posting, simultaneously working on my YouTube strategy.

I came across some new video creation tools that I have been playing with, like Captcut and Invideo AI.

If you are watching a video on TikTok and it uses a Capcut template, it often asks if you want to use it, and with a click of a button, you are brought into Capcut and can customize the template to be your own. This can help you keep up with the TikTok trends. You can also save music that is trending on TikTok and use it for your videos, these are tactics to increase views, so they say. I’ll keep you posted as I test these methods out.

Both of these platforms have AI capacity, where you can tell them what story you want to tell, and they will generate a video for you. I am still learning, but these platforms and other AI tools have the capacity to save you time and really assist on the content creation front.

Check out a video I created with AI using Invideo AI:


My strategy for my new YouTube channel, is to be a channel that focuses on showing others the step-by-step process that I am learning to be a successful affiliate marketer.

And that includes the 4 core areas of focus.

1. Traffic
2. Capture
3. Follow-UP
4. Sales System

T. C. F.S. Wish it had a better abbreviation, lol. I could call my YouTube channel The Core Fore’S, I guess, since my focus will be teaching and sharing everything needed to help master these 4 critical skills.

In Week 5 of the Affiliate System training, we built a funnel to help us CAPTURE traffic. Funnel building is a skill that can make you a lot of money, once mastered a funnel can be a way to earn millions, look how many double comma awards Russel Brunson gives out each year.

This week, I built out and hooked up a new funnel, and I added a new domain and linked this new funnel to the new domain, all inside affiliate systems, just for fun, to test its capabilities. The Affiliate System platform can host unlimited domains, and that, tbh, is pretty cool.

I also built out the same funnel in ClickFunnels and recorded the entire thing, as this will be my first video series on my YouTube Channel!

There are many different types of funnels, and this week, even though I built two, I am not a pro, far from it. this is a good lesson that I need to slow down and practice, practice, practice.

Learn the ins and outs of Affiliate System platforms and all it has to offer and be incredibly proficient, dare I say, maybe an expert at all 4 core areas of affiliate marketing.

And then practice, practice, practice these 4 core areas and really learn them because these skills are essential to success.

Now that these videos are recorded, I will be editing them, working on thumbnails, and uploading them, so stay tuned!

Are you ready to embark on this journey with me? If so, comment YES below. If no, tell me WHY not, what is holding you back, what is calling you away?

Let’s go from rookie to riches together -learning, growing, and achieving our goals!


Join me, and let’s transform our dreams into reality.

Click here to join my newsletter, follow my journey, and unlock the secrets to mastering traffic, capture strategies, follow-up techniques, and sales systems.

Together, we can achieve greatness.


To Our Success,

Alison Blaire







39 Responses

  1. I have decided to use Youtube as my main platform but… I have yet to get into the swing of things and post regularly, so I very much appreciate you sharing your insights here.

    1. Posting regularly is really hard. It takes time to develope content. I have been dedicating a few hours on a specified day each week to plan out my video content, tape everything, and edit. By scheduling dedicated time for each task ( planning, tapping, and editing) it makes it doable, and it is easier to hold yourself accountable and get into a consistent rhythm!

    1. Yes, THEM is great! I love that; I will have to play around, i.e., Get T.H.E.M and Get Success! Capcut is something I have been playing with this week. It is fun, but I believe just turning the camera on yourself and speaking your truth might be a better strategy for connecting to your audience. Still researching will keep you up to date!

  2. Hi Alison,
    You give such great information in your post. Thank you for that! I think you’re doing great! Everything that Dean says to do, and you’re on top of it and some. Testing new funnels. I’m impressed… I appreciate all the information on the platforms you have given. I haven’t started on social media yet, so this is great information for me. That’s crazy that TikTok banned you for that post. All these rules I’m gonna have to learn for myself. Thank you! I look forward to your next post.
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Acknowledging And Celebrating Our AccomplishmentsMy Profile

    1. Meredith, after my post got flagged for violating community standards, I looked them up. They are not easy to decipher, and after reading, I am still not sure what I did wrong. But it is a good reminder that when on these platforms, we are playing by their rules and that capturing followers’ and viewers’ email addresses is the goal since these platforms can be shut off at any time.

  3. OMG Alison you are so tech savvy,

    Tell Keanu I said hello… hahahaha

    You do such a great job at teaching other, I’m going to look into capcut.. I have been slacking and had issues over the past 2 weeks, but I think i’m back now and really working getting my tiktok video’s up. Well until they close tiktok down I guess.
    Keep the good stuff coming..


    1. Sandy, you are the first person who ever called me tech-savvy, lo and I thank you so much for that; I definitely strive to be tech-savvy. I think I am just determined to figure things out and learn, learn, learn. Once it stops being about an end result and you play for fun, it makes it easier when you hit a tech issue lol. Despite the fate of TikTok being up in the air, I am still posting content and continuing on as normal, as the skills we are learning in creating videos and content will be transferable to many other platforms!

    1. Sasha, that is interesting, maybe I used a banned word. After I got the notification of the violation I read the community standards document and still couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. But maybe these words trigger it to be flagged.

  4. Hi Alison,
    I am in awe of you as you are so confident in making and posting video content.. I found your comparisons between YouTube and TikTok to be very helpful as I haven’t made my first video content yet. You also have an advantage because you can make your own lead magnet videos to promote your business and the Affiliate System already.
    Great idea including the 2 training videos using Zoom and Canva on your blog.
    You are going to be so successful. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you so much, Regina. To be honest, I am not super confident; I am just determined to do whatever it takes, and my mentor says to make short-form videos, I am making them (lol). I have a mentality that says to embrace the fear; it is better to have tried and failed than not to try at all. I have learned a lot from making these videos, and I will admit that I really enjoy the creativity of the process. I am only a few steps ahead of you, you can get there in no time. Please let me know if you have any questions. Creating a lead magnet can be fun, and there are a lot of great resources to help!

    1. I feel overwhelmed all the time. When I do, I stop what I am doing, take a moment just to breathe, put some music on, or go take a walk. I have learned that I always aim to accomplish more than is possible, and that can lead to feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. So now, I make very tiny goals to get accomplished each day. It can be as simple as writing one email. It makes it a lot less overwhelming and you would be surprised at what you get accomplished. I also assign time slots to accomplish each goal. This helps me a lot. When my alarm goes off, I focus on this one small goal; once it’s accomplished, it feels so good; then the next time the alarm goes off, you are ready to tackle whatever little step you need, if you can do that throughout the day, a lot gets done. And as my mentor says, move at your own pace, as long as you are consistently moving forward you are exactly where you need to be! We are forever students, and that is the best, we will always be learning, and growing, so for now its beta than better!!!

  5. Hi Allison,
    Like others here, (at least the “older” folks 🙂 ), I’m finding myself overwhelmed with TikTok and videos, etc… I did promise myself that I’d be checking it all out during my vacation so that I have a somewhat clearer understanding of it all once I return.
    I have to be honest, the pool has been nudging more and more as the return home date is drawing closer and closer….
    That being said, I definitely will be jumping on the video bandwagon; the worst that can happen is that I get subscribers!
    Thank you for the positive enlightenment and the great information!
    All the best!

    1. Marc, just do it! Worst comes to worst; no one will watch it, but each time you make a video, you will get better at it. I also recommend just spending some time scrolling on TikTok to get to know the platform and the type of videos you get presented with. Then I would search in the top bar your niche i.e. affiliate marketing and see what others are doing, you can learn a lot from looking at people that have been doing it for awhile. Then just press record and put it out there, beta than better!!!! I always say if your body is feeling resistant towards something and it makes you uncomfortable you have to do it, it is a sign that personal growth is right around the corner!!! Look forward to seeing your videos!

  6. Wow, this is absolutely valuable content. I’ve learned a ton just reading this post. You are really on fire. It’s a bummer that I can’t view the AI video. Has anyone else had trouble? I am leaning more toward YouTube as a long-term primary source, but I love seeing the differences between the two platforms. Thank you so much for the great post!

    1. I will look into that; I am sorry you can’t view it, Vanessa. YouTube is a great strategy and has a ton to offer, look forward to seeing your future channel!

    1. Nathan, I have a feeling it’s AI software that scans the video for certain words and flags them. I looked up the rules on their platform, but in all honestly, I don’t believe I actually violated anything. But it is a good reminder that when on these platforms we are subject to whatever rules and regulations they want to impose. Capcut has been fun; I have been playing around with their templates for fun, and I made a cute video for a friend’s daughter’s recital; it was fun! Affiliate Marketing has definitely got my creativity side activated!

    1. Thank you, Ezequiel. I am so happy you found my content valuable. Let me know if you have any questions. You are on this journey with me from rookie to riches, and I want you to succeed just as much as I want to show you that success is possible through my success. I am happy to help answer any questions that I am able to!

  7. Hi, Alison!
    I enjoy your videos. They give so much value.
    I’ve just caught up to the point of starting video traffic. I’m going to get my feet wet this week.
    I’ll be visiting your posts regularly to check out your instructions.

    1. Nakina, I am so humbled and grateful for your comment. It feels good to know that it is helping you on your journey from rookie to riches. I look forward to seeing your first video!!!!!! Let me know if you have any questions or get stuck, I’m here to help.

  8. I always get so much from your videos and blog posts. I am bookmarking your blog. I have expressed that I am really toying with video content but having a hard time getting started. Your content will be reviewed over and over by me and others. Thanks for taking the time to post such valuable content!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Ernie. What is your barrier to getting started? Are you stuck because you are not sure what kind of content to make? It can be hard trying to figure out what value to show and share. A brainstorming session with mentors and peers can be a great way to get unstuck. Also, chatGPT and other AI tools can be great in this area. You can ask it about an idea you have and have it analyze it, or you can prompt it to ask it to develope some video concepts and topics. Give yourself a deadline and as they say you need to make 100 videos before you get good, just start, it will only get better!!!!

  9. Wow you sure are making headway with the strategies! I have wondered about doing videos but can’t seem to get my head around what to present. I look forward to following your journey as you have plenty of value to offer

    1. Figuring out what to present is so hard, not gonna lie. To be honest, I am learning as I go along, so my strategy has been to simply show people what I am learning in hopes it will help them get there faster. Making how-to videos versus just turning the camera on yourself and sharing your story are both strategies that I am trying, and I am not sure which is better. It can be hard trying to figure out what value to show and share. As I told Ernie in a comment above: A brainstorming session with mentors and peers can be a great way to get unstuck. Also, chatGPT and other AI tools can be great in this area. You can ask it about an idea you have and have it analyze it, or you can prompt it to ask it to develope some video concepts and topics. Give yourself a deadline and as they say you need to make 100 videos before you get good, just start, it will only get better!!!!

  10. Alison,

    Loved the comparison of TikTok and YouTube. They are both platforms I have started working on mastering. One advice I was recently give is learn the algorithms for the platforms you’re using. Then craft your content so the algorithm likes and wants to promote it. Many content creators focus on ways to beat the system or ignore the algorithm all together. However, the truly successful ones will master the algorithms and craft content that takes advantage of it.

    After I heard this I thought this is a simple concept why don’t all creators do this. The answer is that it takes time to master and keep up the algorithms and it not the sexy part of content creation.

    Just some food for thought as you create your content.

    1. CJ, you are so wise. Understanding the algorithm is very important, and I appreciate the book you recommended on YouTube; I am reading it now and doing training on TikTok. I jumped in without really understanding the platform algorithm; I am looking at TikTok as an opportunity to practice content creation, but I am studying it more intently now. However, due to time restrictions, I am focused more on studying the YouTube algorithm and slowly working on my YouTube strategy so that I can optimize the algorithm and go forward with YouTube as my primary source of organic traffic.

  11. Alison, that was quite amazing and funny at the same time about the video that got banned. It’s funny how they allow fake accounts for Hollywood celebrities but if you use that you get banned. I’m sure Keanu Reeves is reading your blog post right now. That’s a very impressive AI video that you’ve created you’re gonna have to show me how you did that. There’s some concepts and ideas in my head that would be great to show in that kind of visual way. Is this free or does it have a monthly cost? Also a great summary of the coaching work this week. You really are doing amazingly well and are an inspiration to me. I would say to you as a friend that sometimes you probably take on more than you really need to. Just pick one or two things and go with those. Your videos and presentation style is very very very good. Well done. Amazing as usual thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…100 days 18 mins – With a challenge for youMy Profile

    1. Atif, the AI software has a free version and a paid version. I was using the free version. What is really cool is it does text to video, so you put in a prompt and it will spit you out a video with stock images. At the end they give you an option to pay for the watermarks on the images to be removed, but it lets you edit these videos and add in your own images. So, I just updated their stock images with images from Canva! Capcut is free, and if you are on TikTok and see a template you like, you can click on it, and it will open Capcut. I have a lot to learn with these apps, but knowing Keanue is listening gives me motivation to learn it and teach it (lol). You are spot on, and I appreciate the call out. I do tend to take on a lot; it’s my personality, and learning to slow down and do one thing at a time is something I have been practicing. I am so grateful for your friendship, and watching your videos on TikTok and reading your blog have been inspirational for me!

  12. Alison,
    I learn a lot from your videos. I actually went back to last Wednesday and watched your videos on using Canva. I am interested in using Canva so I will give your suggestions a try. I appreciate the comparison between YouTube and TikTok. They are both platforms I am considering mastering.
    Sherri Pulcino recently posted…MindsetMy Profile

    1. Sherri, I am so happy you took away something from my videos. I really love Canva, it is very easy to use. If you get stuck on anything please don’t hesitate to reach out. Happy to create a little how-to on anything you need! I love learning new things on Canva, I just played with Overlay the other day. The video I made is really funny; maybe I’ll post it. The overlay is where you can put videos on top of each other, so I have a slide show going with images, and I put Dean and me in there! It feels like being a kid again, playing and being creative. Whichever platform you decide, I wish you much success.

  13. This couldn’t have been a more timely article for me to read this week! I’m in the process of getting my social media up and running and this is *valuable* content for where I am, right now! Like you, I plan to concentrate on TikTok and likely Instagram. I’ve been debating whether to include YouTube as well but now after reading this I believe it needs to be in the mix. I also had no idea about using Capcut in the way you described, in allowing you to use a template from another video. I haven’t played around with Capcut much, but it’s nice knowing this as I lean more into it. Thank you for the excellent guidance!

    1. I am so glad it was helpful Lauren. I look forward to seeing your content and journey! I am definitely learning by doing, trying new things, and seeing what works best, and I promise I will continue to share it all!

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