Turning Blunders into Gold: How Your Mistakes Can Be Your Biggest Wins


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Not sure about you, but I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving yesterday, and for me, this time of year means another trip around the sun, as my birthday is tomorrow.

Just like New Year’s (minus the questionable resolutions and the Times Square crowds), birthdays are a time for a little introspection.

I recently made a post about the D-word. Nope, not that D-word, I’m talking about discipline. You see, during the season of sugar cookies and mistletoe, it’s harder to stay on track than ever.

I am not talking about indulging in pastries; I am talking about your dreams and your goals.

It is easy to fall into the trap of only looking for the end result instead of reflecting on the journey, how far you have come, and all the lessons learned along the wall.

Discipline isn’t always rock solid. But with a little discipline, the habits we build can amount to something truly astounding. And it’s okay to not be exactly where you want to be, everything comes with time if you keep trying. 

Ever heard of the “Inverted Jenny” stamp? It’s a postage stamp that turned a printing error into a collector’s dream, recently fetching a cool $2 million!  This story isn’t just about a tiny piece of adhesive paper; it’s a lesson in how our mistakes, often seen as face-palming moments, can sometimes lead to shockingly positive results.

As a card-carrying member of the learning and innovation fan club, I find this story a prime example of how our oopsie moments, and “what-was-I-thinking?” instances can be transformed into springboards for growth, learning, and yes, even success.

So, I’m throwing out an invitation to you: dive into this captivating tale and consider how you might flip the script on your own faux pas.

Let’s chew the fat:

Have you ever tripped on a banana peel and unexpectedly landed on a pot of gold?

How can we foster a mindset that sees the silver lining in your goof-ups?

Feel free to spill your thoughts and experiences below.

Let’s embrace the lessons from our mistakes and transform them into stepping stones for success!

I would love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below, like and share and join me on Facebook. What mistakes have you made that turned into success? As the end of the year is coming, what are you reflecting on, what have you learned about yourself this year?

To Our Success,

Alison Blaire





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